I would like to share some parts of "About Myself" that I had written somewhere in 2011 on my other blog.

"Nothing interesting to tell you’ll.  An ordinary girl following the regular routine and activities. I’m doing my post graduation in M.C.A. at Goa University.

The food for my mind is only good books. I never get tired of reading and can continue for hours together and that’s what I’ve always loved to do; read read and read more. J My love for books grew when I read Famous Five by Enid Blyton when I was in school(may be in 5th std.).

I was very passionate about driving four wheelers.. loved driving in the rain. But has lost the habit now. It’s been four years since I have driven a car.

Love reading good blogs, books, cheese, coffee, the smell of mud of the first rain, dark clouds hovering in the sky, watching birds, stars….

I don’t speak much and I’m moody and stubborn to some extent(this is what people say :D ) I’m not much involved in conversations and prefer to remain silent most of the time. Friends are many but real friends are few. I would like to mention my pen friend in this post who has been my support. I would also like to mention my group from college with whom I have spent the best times of my life. They were my seniors at college.
This is about myself, my likes and dislikes…. Nothing extra ordinary…  Just another blog among many hundreds and thousands of them."

Today things remain almost the same with few changes. I completed my Masters two years back, worked for a year and half and got married. Passion to blog runs deep but procrastination kept me away from it for a very long time. Have taken up blogging very seriously and enjoying it immensely since I have found readers.

Voracious reader, passionate writer(not a pro though, just a beginner still), day dreamer, procrastinator and lazy, like doing things my own way(my way or no way kinda person,even if "the way" that I choose may be wrong), can remain silent for long durations, won't speak much, moody(well,that is what my family thinks), libraries enthrall me while a kitchen repels me.

 Love to watch the seasons change. Die hard shopaholic.  Prefer animated and fairy tale movies over action movies. If some topic catches my attention, then no matter how trivial the topic may be, I like to go deep down and explore it in its entirety. Ready to pack my bag for a vacation (I would prefer packing extra things than carrying a small bag, well shouldn't be devoid of anything :) )

Not religious, have goals that need my attention, Bit obsessed with things that I like (this obsession can run deep and at times create problems for people around), like to delve into memories of childhood. Obsessed with being clicked ("A photographer will get tired of clicking but you won't get tired of getting clicked" , thus goes a saying in my family).

Long story short, love living life on my own terms.


  1. That's quite an intro.
    I need to hide my camera, if I am around you. :P

  2. Hi. Thank you for registering to participate in the Cherished Blogfest 2016. I look forward to reading your post.