Saturday, June 7, 2008


Another rainy day. It has been raining continuously since morning. The greenery has spread everywhere now that the rainy season is in full swing. Nature has always captivated my attention whether it is a beach or a tree. Or take a simple flower. Observe it minutely and you will admire its beauty . And if you are a science student who is interested in biology then you will admire the way its different parts work and co-ordinate with each other. And then you will realize its value.
I like to watch the way the animals interact with each other and particularly their survival instincts that they show on Discovery channel or Nat Geo . Marine life is so vast. I remain spellbound when I watch it on the television and long to see the beauty of nature with my own eyes. Truly, there are so many beautiful things to witness on this planet earth. I long to watch at least a few things. There are so many things to see besides nature too. I love to go places and confine the memories permanently in my mind. If I get a chance I’ll love to visit the North Western states.
Well it is still raining continuously and looks like it’s going to rain forever…Yeah!! And I have nothing else to do except watch the rain J Blogging has become kind of an addiction for me. Whenever I am free I switch on my PC and start writing blogs. I love to do this activity. My new hobby you can say..:)
Right now at this moment I feel like doing multiple things. I wana blog, read a book and even feel like driving car in this rain.. hahahah (or should I say multitasking? ;))

Friday, June 6, 2008


I didn't update my blog for the past few days . Reason? I didn't have any topic in my mind . Just like what Varun said in his blog , it is sometimes difficult to write what you feel. You can't get the desired words or you are unable to frame proper sentences. Sometimes I feel who will read my blog except a handful of my friends who have the patience of reading my EXTRA long blogs (Thank you my dear friends for having the patience) I should thank my friend Varun who I guess will be the only person reading my blogs before I tell my other friends. Thanks a lot Varun.
Writing has been my passion since I was a kid. Loved reading too. Famous Five ( The Smuggler’s Top) by Enid Blyton was the first novel I read. I have read a couple of books in the Famous Five series and I still love reading them. I would read Famous Five during my vacations when I would go to my cousin’s place. My elder cousin sister whom I call Taii(meaning elder sister) would take me to a library where I would search for the Famous Five novels. From then on I became a voracious reader. The credit for providing me fuel to read good novels goes to some extent to Taii too . Thanks Taii.. I don’t know if you will ever read this blog. But still I should thank you.
Well.. Ab thodi mausam ki JanKari. It has started raining very heavily for the past few days. . It rained very heavily last night and in the morning too. The
Sky was full of dark clouds in the evening. The trees were swaying and it looked as if they were enjoying the sound of rain falling on the ground. The climate is cool these days.

Well I wanted to post a blog when it rained very heavily for the first time a few days ago. I saved the copy of that blog and I have given it below:
“ Today was a day of respite from the glare of the sun rays. It rained very heavily in the morning. I just missed the yearly observation of watching and admiring the first heavy rainfall which I have been following for many years.
……..The sky is still cloudy. I really love rainy season because of the cool and sort of chilly climate and the greenery which spreads all around. It’s in the rainy season that my mind is more alert and active. I love reading a good novel when it rains outside heavily or just observe the rain pouring down. The climate is good but the only thing which is beyond tolerance is the power failures. Watching lightening cutting the sky is also my favourite pastime.
It’s always interesting to note the different colours the sky gets during the different times of the day. The colors change as the day progresses and during the rainy season you witness extraordinary combinations. The clouds positioned in amazing ways , the dark grayish colored clouds which surround the sky , coupled with greenery from the earth. One of the most astonishing feature is when the sun shines when the dark clouds are around. Out of the ordinary yet exceptional are the ways of nature of showing its splendor!!!!!!!!!”

Well that was what I wanted to post the other day!

Reading newspaper takes a lot of time, and when you are reading Times Of India, then well, you can expect that. There’s ample news in store for you in that paper. I read Times Of India Mumbai edition before they came out with Goa edition.

I was in the habit of writing poems when I was in 6th and 7th std but soon lost the habit.:(

It’s been a VERRY LOOONG time since I went driving car. I think it’s been almost more than a year. Driving car is one of my passions. I had a lot of practice sessions. Once I went for a drive when it was raining very heavily even though I’d got license one or two months before. Those Were The Days………….