Monday, October 17, 2016


Sun had reached its afternoon peak. Wind was making its own patterns on the sand. The dune
formation in the midst of the flora and long stretch of coastline on the other side is a site in itself.
The Sleeping Bear Dunes stand proudly overlooking the beauty of Lake Michigan at Empire in
the Great Lakes state of Michigan. The entire stretch looked like a vast desert. It was awe for
first timers like us to imagine that there could be dune formation in the midst of greenery.
The climb to the dune was exhausting but worth the experience. The climb seemed easy and
we started running along with the crowd. Excitement was at our core once we climbed the cliff
and saw a vast stretch of sand ahead and a cliff yet again. The impulse was that we could easily
make our way and experience the gift that lay ahead of us. We climbed the subsequent peak
and saw ahead that there was yet another cliff. The wind was having its rendezvous with the
sand which was an obstacle in our path. One cliff after the other was like a never ending loop.
Finally we saw “The thing” that was lying ahead of us. The beauty of the Lake Michigan was
captivating and a site which would make people make this tiring climb umpteen times. I
wondered how many people must have climbed more than once to experience this heavenly
Tired and exhausted, we descended to the place where we had begun. The benches placed
were the first thing we needed desperately. Most of the benches were occupied by families
enjoying their afternoon lunch so we went to a nearby bench where a person was sitting
casually reading a book. He looked like he was in his early seventies. Being the voracious
reader that I am, I tried getting a glimpse of the title of the book but couldn’t. He gave his most
amazing smile and asked about our climb to the dunes. “The climb was exhausting”, was my
answer. And it was! During our climb, we had noticed many people climbing one or two cliffs of
the range and then descending back. In a very brief conversation with him, he told us that he
had climbed the dunes seven times in his life and had thoroughly enjoyed each step. He still
comes here time and often, with his grandchildren, but now watches them make their climb of
the dunes with their little legs.
We let the man continue with his reading and sat to soothe our aching legs. I turned around and
saw the man peeping out of his book towards the dunes smiling proudly. The satisfaction on his
face showed ample emotions he was experiencing at that moment. Was it seeing his
grandchildren make their climb that made him feel proud or was he seeing the beauty of Lake
Michigan sitting on the bench that brought the smile and emotions on his face? I pondered..

Monday, July 18, 2016

Give up or Not ?

The night sky promised another bright day once the black carpet gave way to its ego alterer.She gazed up to have the final look and closed the window.

She closed her eyes. She hoped things would go the way she had mapped them out. She had put in a lot of efforts and was sure of her victory. Still, the worry did not let her sleep.

She tossed and turned on her bed. No! Her dream was just a few hours away and it wouldn’t let her sleep. What if she didn’t see her dream come true? She would know it within a few hours from now. She was confident, but scared. Too many things had kept her away from realising her dream. But she didn’t give up. But what if her dreams come crashing down? Simple! Try again. Fall, but get up. Do not give up. Come what may, I will not give up, she thought and had sound sleep.


It is said that pen is mightier than the sword. The words penned down on a piece of paper are enough to stir a revolutions. Knowledge can be passed by explaining in words, but to pass it on to distant places, you do need it to be stored somewhere which can be passed to places where the teacher cannot reach. Pen and paper, printing helped in transferring knowledge to lands where the original writer couldn’t reach.

Technology improved over time and the modern time has turned to internet which provides information about everything and anything. It has become easy for anyone who wish to learn about anything. It has surpassed all boundaries The courses which were once unknown or not within reach have been made available in the remotest corner of the world.

Knowledge transfer need not be in just form. As long as the knowledge is transferred from person to person, and from generation to generation, the media need not matter. Pass the knowledge, learn the good things, know the meaning of life.

When Hunger strikes

Often the fortunate ones do not realise the meaning of hunger until they face it. The less fortunate ones who have gone through the tough phase of hunger realise the value of food.

Most often we see people wasting ample food while in some other part of the corner people are seen "skipping" meals due to no availability of food.

Most often in the name of following diet or losing weight, we skip and starve even though ample food is available infront of us. Solution for losing weight is not starving, but eating the right quantity of food and the right kind of food.

One should value the food that he has in his plate and try and not to waste it. And it isn't just us, there are ample places and ways where food is wasted in great quantities; the amount of wastage is alarming.

This post was born out of realisation that even though there is ample food around, it doesn't reach people who are in dire need. 

Keeping a Journal

From my personal experience, keeping a diary helps a lot. Be it personal experience, or even your exam or study schedule, it helped me review and know what I had done during the past days. Being the forgetful person that I have always been, diary helped me keep a track of the activities I did throughout the day. It wasn’t a compulsion for me since I liked doing it. With compulsive activities comes dread, with dread comes hatred, atleast that is how things work for me. I do not like to do things out of compulsion. Things that I love to do, I tend to go for them naturally, although I will never be an expert in them.

Is there any particular way to write a diary? Do people follow rules? I do not know. I started writing about anything and everything ever since I remember. I will always regret that I do not have the proofs of it. The first diary was in fourth grade where I wrote my so called poems. The real poet came out in the sixth grade, influenced by William Wordsworth. Diary keeping became a habit from junior college where I would staple pages since one page wasn’t enough for a day. The entries would stretch upto four pages stapled one after the other which went as far as having detailed syllabus of each subject. It did help me a lot. Other personal accounts didn’t go as far as having ice cream with friends. That was my personal life.

Creativity has dwindled over time and with age, not that I am an old soul. It has dwindled over time having being catered to the wider audience. The innocence along with carefree attitude towards grammar is no longer visible, although grammatical errors still persist.

Having said that, I have realised over time that people may or may not read or pay heed to your daily rants. It all depends on how you put it up. The skill of  convincing people through your words, that is how I would like to say it.

Should I or should I not mix diary writing and writing? That is a question meant to be answered by myself.

Getting back to the main topic, maintaining a journal helps keep a track of many activities. Be it a book or your online sheet, it helps maintain and review many things which you have done, and not done. This is one reason I would strongly recommend people to keep a track of their daily activities and thoughts somewhere.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"Bookish" Thoughts Day 5 of Write Tribe WTFOW #5

Another thought that struck my mind while reading a few articles about the influence of social media is the influx and the emergence of writers coming up everyday. It may sound harsh, but every Tom, Dick and Harry considers himself a writer. I know I haven't reached that stage where I can call myself one, and I have a long way to go. But my love for penning down thoughts on paper (now laptop) ever since I was a child hasn't stopped me from writing despite requiring much needed improvement in different ways. Having strong critic at home makes you feel you have to achieve a lot in your favorite field.

There is a lot of free advice doing rounds on the internet on "How To Write". Some are genuine. People have started online business mentoring how one should write, free of cost. But hey wait! I had heard there is no free lunch in this world. Full Stop!

Writing is an art which allows you to convey your thoughts in a manner that grabs the attention of the readers. Not everyone possesses the art. Some have the natural ability while others have to build it over time.

The advent of social media and the power given by it to users has allowed every person to pen her/his thoughts which otherwise would either hide in the closet or were available to the crowd she/he was familiar to.

Not everyone had the medium to publish his thoughts. Newspapers published articles of only those which they found suitable. But today different branches of social media have given you flexibility to pour your thoughts in few characters to unlimited ones.

Blog has turned everyone into an author. Develop a plot in your mind, type it and hit the publish button! There you go! Few people read it, applaud and then you are forgotten. Only the ones who can express remain in the race. The people who never tried lifting a pen and didn't prefer writing are typing their thoughts furiously. Is it the love for writing, publicity, or following the crowd, I wonder

Self publishing has opened new grounds for everyone to publish their books. The point I wish to make here is, there is so much crowd and so many authors that you sometimes do not understand what to read and what not to. Even though you wish to try new books, you do not know where to start. Sometimes, it looks as if there are more authors than readers.

Solution; it is said that develop your own unique style of writing. But sometimes it feels like even uniqueness has become so common that you cannot find it :D

Opportunities today are many. People will try to grab them. Uniqueness has become common. Find the uniqiueness in the common unique things. 

"N" Things that... and How To's Day 4 Write Tribe WTFOW #5

Social media since past one year (?) or more has been abuzz with giving lots of wanted and unwanted advice. There is a spree of solutions (some self-tested) for almost every question; be it physical, environmental or emotional query.

I remember a time in my childhood where there would be column for personal questions in some magazines where people posted anonymously and agony aunts provided solutions to almost every personal questions people sent. Did they ever go through those difficult times, I wonder. But "natural" tendency of people who are in deep s**t always always either run to miracle babas and their female counterparts or turn to agony aunts.

These days you do not even need to do that, although people still secretly check their horoscopes for the day. Speaking about horoscopes, my curiosity lead me to a so called popular website which has classified horoscopes into health, education, love life, personal life and so on. You will be surprised seeing the number of websites dedicated to and doing business of astrology. To each his own!

Social media has taken a step ahead wherein certain "groups" or "pages" allow free advice to anything and everything. "Like" or "Follow" any e magazine and you will see atleast five to ten articles written on "How To..." , "What to do if..." , "27 things that...". When I started following and liking certain, I had no idea that the online community would be generously pouring out advice after advice. Well, I do read them in my free time. But do I follow them?  Well, it upto each one to take in what is good and what is not required.

"10 Homemade remedies for Healthy skin". Well, I will definitely read this one, which provides 10 different ways to make your skin glow. Am I going to try all the ten techniques on my face? Although they look appealing, it is upto me to decide which will be suitable for me. I cannot just follow it without doing a little more research or asking someone to know and decide if they suit my skin.

"How to win back your boyfriend". Well, frustrated people may even try the the mentioned points. But do you need to? Can't you do it on your own?

As it is told many times, listen to everyone, but do what you feel is right for you. Listen to all the worldly advice given, think about your issue from every aspect, consider solutions provided and derive your own solution suitable for your problem. There isn't any one solution to every similar problem.

Life is different for every individual depending on her/his situation. Not everyone CAN TRY the "27 Things every person should do once you are 27." So do not just get up and start doing it unless you are absolutely sure of what you are going to do. :D

Despite all this, it is worth spending time reading the articles which are actually helpful in our daily life. Some are daily hacks that make your chores simpler, some give boost to your creativity, while others open new pastures for you to explore things that you never thought were available or possible to do at home.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Free Write #Write Tribe WTFOW #5 Day 3

Helter skelter the thoughts run. Mind; it is as absurd as the insane thoughts that churn out from it. It is this absurdity that has created wonders, and it is this same absurdity that has brought down empires. Sane and insane thoughts, two sides of the same coin, are they?

Good and bad. Can anything be classified as “Good” and its opposite as “Bad”? It is what we humans perceive. Nothing is good or bad, they say. But there should be peace, hence things are classified as good and bad. Think positively, is told to us time and often. Why? To maintain peace.
Mind plays funny games. It is human mind that has ability to think imaginable and unimaginable. It is through this mind that it creates what was thought to be unreal.

Anything is possible,one just needs to try, is told to us. Work hard, yes! But working smarter is the new Mantra.

Ability. You only need to stretch your ability to do something, and bingo; you will see results you never thought were possible. Stretch your limits a bit, or a little more. You will be surprised to know you have abilities you never saw.

They say work isn’t work if it is your passion. True. What if you do not like your work? Then?

What is true for you may not be the same for me. But to maintain a balance everywhere, humans have come to conclusions that certain things are acceptable and certain not. Norms.

Why am I writing about mind and absurd things? Writer’s Block. I have read that Free Writes help in clearing mind and getting new ideas when you are stuck with writer’s block. But does writer’s block really exist? I question it on some days, and sometimes just write to my heart’s glory.

Empty mind is a devil’s workshop. Then why not write out and free the mind from this devil?

Writing has always made me soothe my mind. Whether good or bad, I like documenting every thought that crosses my mind. But laziness creeps in and thoughts pass and never return. What is the remedy? Keep writing? May be, may be not. But document whatever you feel is important. I have had this problem (?) where I dream of fantastic writing ideas. They remain when I am awake, but vanish by the time I brush my teeth. Solution? Get rid of laziness and document them when they are fresh. You know, great ideas are born in dreams too.

Mind wanders again…….

I agree that I am at that stage of life where I am expected to behave like an adult. What does that mean anyway? Stop learning and do routine work? Why not try something new? Is it too late just because I fit in the adult age group? Opportunity doesn’t come to you all the time. Sometimes you have to create, sometimes search. Right now it is all about creating. Running after childhood passion. Yes! I mean it. Re-learning old things with a twist. Twist of fate would you like to call it?

You read many stories about people leaving high paid jobs and pursuing their passions. Looks glittery and worth giving a try. But do you know what planning goes into it? Quitting one thing to start something new from scratch isn’t as easy as it is celebrated. Opportunities galore! Indeed this is true in today’s world but do not forget - Hardwork aplenty. Am I discouraging? No! Just making you aware. My standing ovation to the people who try something different and who bend the rules :D

This post is written as part of Write Tribe WTFOQ #5 Day 3

Monday, July 11, 2016


It turned out same like every year. “New Year, New Me” looks appealing during December and January and by the time its end of February, you fall into the usual routine. One can find many posts written about this in my blog during the month of December 2015. But like the years which had “New Year Resolutions” written with so much hope in my diary, this year resolutions suffered the same fate like them. Refraining myself from making resolutions for many years, I thought the new vigour in me would make me keep them this year; but all in vain.

What did I re-learn from this is that I do not need the new year to start anything new. Still we do measure our progress from 1st of Jan every year.To start anything new, you do not even need a new day. Just start it from the next moment. You need the enthu to start something good.

My reflections and musings have made me conclude that growing and developing for your own self is the best thing that you can ever do. Life is precious, it is said. Keep healthy, live healthy and do something with your life which is worthwhile. Taking care of one’s own self is the best thing one could do.

I cannot actually write much about the first half of the year except that I participated in very few contests and that I am gaining momentum since last month. A month long break and days spent in loneliness helped me reflect many things.

Conclusion: Live for yourself. Gain knowledge to satisfy the ever curious brain. Bring the child out within you instead of behaving like an adult.

And yes! Write more!

This post is written as part of Half Time 2016 for The Blogchatter.

Blogging Friends Write Tribe Festival of Words Day 2 : WTFOW #5

Having missed the first day of the challenge, I would like to join from Day 2.

Blogging Friends

What better topic to start writing for this blogging challenge than writing about blogger friends.

Having published blog posts in isolation for long time, I got noticed by the Blogchatter community a few months ago when I joined their twitter page and people started reading my blog posts.

The encouragement that people read what I published is enough to keep writing but sometimes mind wanders and you are back to square one. And that is when Blogger friends, and friends of Blogger friends come in picture. I don’t know how write tribe came across my blog, but they asked in a tweet if I wanted to join this challenge. And yes of course, was the answer.

This first blog post for the challenge is dedicated to the Write Tribe and for my blogging pals who read and reply with their sweet words of encouragement.

Although I do not have any theme or idea as to what I will be writing about, I will write on random topics that arise in my mind for the next 5 days. The next five days will be my writing exercise to test how much and how creatively I can write without pre planning the writeups.

Thanks Write Tribe for inviting me to join this challenge.

This post is written as part of the Write Tribe Festival of Words Day 2 : WTFOW #5

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Both were lying down on the grass. It was their usual saturday routine; get up late and explore some unknown place. Today they chose an abandoned spot in some remote corner of a far off village. They liked hanging out at a place where there was no crowd. Isolation was their respite after hectic week at work.

They had been married for five years. Most of their interests were similar, although not the same. Hanging out in remote places away from the crowd was what they enjoyed the most. Being in the lap of nature where there was hardly, or no one to disturb was the place they admired. They would sit for hours, doing nothing, hand in hand, or read a book. Today they chose to sit on the green carpet of the meadow. Sun was at its afternoon peak, but that didn’t deter them. They didn’t want to miss being alone since they would be busy for next few weeks with their house decoration. They had planned to revamp their tiny home.

They sat under the shade of a huge tree. She was reading the latest novel which was the buzz of the reading community. He was slouched with his head covered with his hat, one hand lazily playing with the stem of the water bottle.

A light breeze blew. Everything was silent. Only the twitter of a bird above on the tree could be heard. She placed the book on the ground and looked up. The bird was in its own world. She didn’t recognise the tiny bird, neither did he when she asked him about it. The color was bright red. This is what attracted her about nature. Seen and unseen creatures going about their own business, long and short grass, tiny and huge plants and trees, the chirp of birds, sound of water flowing. All this energized the mind so that a new week began with fresh vigour.

She picked the book again and peeped at the bird. Its twitter continued. She settled to read again while the bird tweeted.

This post is a part of the prompt "USE 'TWITTER' IN YOUR PROMPT" by Blogchatter. #Blogchatter.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Reflection - A To Z Challenge 2016

Proper sequence of ideas creates sentences. Amalgamation of sentences in turn recreate those ideas in the minds of the readers who wish to know your thoughts.

April month had been a ride as far as thoughts, ideas, goals and A to Z challenge were concerned. I brought all of these together and created a theme for A to Z challenge - “ Finding Myself : Living My Life” .

A to Z challenge is a platform where more than thousand bloggers write their posts and go on a reading spree. For me, the theme was more for myself than others. Finding your own self and your passion isn't as easy as is portrayed often.
Most often hobby is mistaken to be one’s passion. Distinguishing between both is one's own job.

Finding my passion and living the life on my own terms, Finding Me was my goal as well as theme for the month of April along with the writing challenge. Writing daily wasn't much pain as I knew what I wanted in life which eventually would be published as a series of blog posts.

During this journey, I read many new, unknown and previously known bloggers and was amazed at the talent people possessed. Ideas are diverse, and so are the people. Most people chose themes close to them, while others preferred sharing knowledge they possessed. Still others displayed their creative side with poems and fiction.

About my writing during this challenge, Though I cannot say I liked one blog post more than the other, these two I wrote with all the passion I felt when I took up the topics.

Horrible Husband
Ode to Pappa

Learnings from this challenge were ample. I learnt that I make writing mistakes which span from the most basic to most difficult ones. Though writing on a daily basis and coming up with new topics everyday isn't that easy, I found it comfortable because mine was more of free write. Given a choice, I would prefer writing one post systematically over writing on ten topics in a spree.

The theme allowed me to focus more on my growth in every field and I'm happy that I chose the theme I wrote on. I may not have gained many readers and followers, the self discovery proved worthwhile.

I have read about choosing and preparing for the next year challenge in advance. For the likes of me, I do not know how feasible and realistic that could be. But the entire writing exercise has given me new techniques and goals.

I wish to take the learnings of this month and try and improve my writing. What do I wish to be known as? A writer.

I wish to thank The Blogchatter team for the support. Chandni and Richa deserve more thanks than anything.

Here is a list of my blog posts of the April A To Z Challenge 2016.

- I

Friday, April 29, 2016

Zero Zip Zilch

#ATOZ Challenge Theme: Finding Myself - Living My Life

“With no cavalry to guard me, I started my journey on my own; vulnerable to attacks by all from every direction. I had absolutely nothing to guard myself. So what did I do? I used all the skills and qualities that I possess to guard myself. Was it easy, you ask. Of course it isn’t. Did you fear, you ask. Yes, of course. Sometimes I felt like giving up and running back to my safe haven, but something stopped me every time. The desire to keep going and the success encouraged me, and I kept moving ahead. I grabbed the opportunities which I saw fit, and turned away from temptations and forces which kept pulling me away from my path.”

How exciting it would be to start on a blank canvas! Would you like to make a fresh start by painting on a blank canvas or the one which has scribblings on it already?

I see a blank canvas in front of me and I am excited. Call me what you may; stubborn, rebel, bold. But I wish to own a blank canvas of my own; just for myself on which I can write to my heart’s content with not even a dot on it.

Zero Zip Zilch. Nothing. Nada!

I wish to start everything from the scratch, knowing now what qualities I have regained and what qualities I require. The canvas is new and is ready to be used. I have almost learnt the purpose of my life. I am still seeking, learning and going Beyond the conventional rules laid; that is a continuous process. It isn’t easy. All that I have learnt throughout this month, I wish to apply it to achieve my goals.

Right from my very first post of #AtoZChallenge, I had chosen to write for myself; for my improvement in every field I thought was possible. The journey will go beyond this challenge. What I learnt till now throughout this month has benefited me a lot and laid a foundation for me to start thinking about myself.

Battles in life are always present. You will be told to sacrifice your goals to fulfil someone else’s. Would you do it? Answer is left to you. But do not forget your purpose of life. Your passion! It requires your qualities and your zeal. And how do you begin your pursuit of your passion? Start from nothing. And build it one brick at a time.

Knowing what qualities I will need to achieve my goals; be it Killer Instinct, Being Jealous(this was a contradicting blog post), Panache, I need to make sure that the crown on my head doesn’t falter and eventually fall down.

My Pappa will always be my inspiration. And not to forget the Horrible Husband  :D (Read to know how Horrible Husband helped me)


With this my A To Z Challenge 2016 comes to an end. But my journey of “Finding Myself” continues… The Journey has only begun.,. And from where did it begin? From nothing. Phoenix rises from the ashes. Begin from nothing and build something.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Yours Truly

#ATOZ Challenge Theme: Finding Myself - Living My Life

Dear Yours Truly,

Yet again I am writing a letter to you. It has been a fabulous month of self discovery. Although this is a long process unlike what I had assumed, I could see that you thoroughly enjoyed discovering and writing about things that you had thought deeply about. I am glad that you have started implementing a few and hope you will continue with same zeal and energy to work towards your goals.

You have always been a shy person who preferred staying away from the crowd. So I guess that is what turned you to writing. Instead of speaking, you pour your thoughts on paper. May be that is why writing suits you the most. But at times, you have shown your gregarious side, though it is very rare.
Though you may have had high hopes and dreams, do not forget that you have lived an ordinary life. Though you wanted to touch the stars, you followed the crowd.

It is never too late, they say, to try something. You may have to start few things from scratch. But if you show your immense desire towards your goals, and the childhood vigour that you owned once, nothing can stop you from achieving them,

What is the purpose of your life? What is your passion? These are the most important yet difficult questions that you need to ponder. You have almost come close to them. Some answers you have, some you do not. Some thoughts will be saved in your drafts or your journal. Well this reminds me to tell you that you should maintain a journal for your daily activities. Do you remember keeping diary to keep note of the many things that you wished to learn and do during summer vacation? And there were separate sections for each.
And then you would write each in different colours and make pointers. Height was you had made another page which had pointers to these notes. The point I wish to convey to you is that though these things may look unproductive to you now, I would ask you to do them to keep an order.

All I would like to say right now to you is that keep pursuing your passion no matter where you are. You may not find success, but satisfaction that you kept trying will be better than not trying at all. Set high targets and high standards. Do not stagnate, keep moving ahead.

Yours Truly,


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

X Factor

#ATOZ Challenge Theme: Finding Myself - Living My Life

What would you need for your passion? If you know what is it that you are passionate about, you won’t need a quality to be imbibed. Passion itself will make you go way ahead. So why do you need an X Factor?

X Factor, in simple words is a special quality that a person has in her/him self. Are both passion and X Factor the same? Need not be, in my opinion. I may be good at doing something, which is my X Factor, but that need not be my passion. So incorporating this quality to achieve your desired goals should be the focus. Make the best use of your quality to achieve your passion. What better thing can be than that?

Your X Factor is your strong point and your passion is something that you are after. Combine both and the result will be awesome.

Identify your X factor and start working towards your goals. I have my own X Factor and this is the advice I give myself- Use it to pursue your goals.

All Words and No Play

#ATOZ Challenge Theme: Finding Myself - Living My Life

Words. Weave them with one another with creativity and voila! You end up with a well crafted crochet; words beautifully twirled with twists and turns.

Are all people gifted with this craft? Perhaps no. Writing is an art if you take it seriously to win audience's hearts. Just writing a line without any magic in it has no impact on the audience. And by magic, I mean the art of properly knitting the desired words and discarding the overwhelming ones. Mere connection of words with conjunctions doesn’t leave the desired influence in the minds of the readers.

Writing is a matter of playing with words. And by playing, I do not mean having fun at the drop of the hat. It means choosing your words properly and infusing them in a sentence to convey your thoughts. A dry string of sentences attached with one another hardly gets any attention. Writing gives you information. A very good piece of writing makes you think beyond the reality, just like how dreams do. Dreams take us to places unimaginable. Writing has the same effect. If words are chosen properly and created into effective sentences, they bring out the picture infront of your eyes; it is as if you are watching the movie infront of you.

Words that you spin are crucial to convey the meaning. You should be smart enough to play to create a masterpiece that will keep the readers gripping and coming back to read what you have in store for them.

Why this topic about words and writing today? This is what I have always loved to do. Write, write and write more. But in the process I didn’t actually learn how to draw audience to my writing. In this Journey of Self Discovery throughout this month with the A To Z Challenge, besides learning how to tackle many things, I gave deep thought towards my liking for writing. And this is what I concluded. Your content is your strong point if you need people to read what you have written. Mere dry words running in sequence are just words. Playing and weaving them properly is an art.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


#ATOZ Challenge Theme: Finding Myself - Living My Life

Dear Thou,

This is your long lost but recently re-acquired quality that is writing to you. I am glad that you have kicked out procrastination and gave me my deserved spot yet again. It looks like ages since we last worked together.

I remember the endless hours you, as a child, sat on your small study table to complete the tasks that you set for yourself. There was nothing that could stop you. Your mind was ever busy, and like a scrap book with variety stuffed in it. Your brain would be brimming with ideas. Giving shape to them you sat, either with the words that fired themselves from your brain, or devising plans and activities so that they could be implemented in future.

It was in your early childhood that you learnt to use internet, but you never started using it for your ideas until recently. But before internet crept in, it was books and magazines that would give you knowledge. Your closet, was your storehouse of knowledge.

Do not forget that it was I who gave you all that exuberant energy that would sometime overflow from your mind.

You and I together achieved milestones which made people think you would achieve a lot when you grow up. Times changed and with that you forced yourself to change too. And in the turbulence you lost your energy of doing things differently and followed the crowd. Although you achieved a lot, I couldn’t be of much help since it wasn’t your passion that you were pursuing. You allowed yourself to leave me behind.

With time, you allowed procrastination to fill the empty spot which I owned once. You allowed yourself to settle in the mundane life and job which didn’t give any exposure to your passion.

But now that you have finally realised your passion and allowed me my rightful space in your life, I would like to tell you that this is one of the best decisions of your life, the first being that you have made a firm decision to pursue your passion and your likes.

In your endeavor of achieving your desires, although you might have to start everything from scratch, I would like to tell you to have the same vigour, gusto and energy that you had as a child. It was that vibrance that made you take those baby steps that you had achieved. You had taken several risks, and with your ability to tackle them along with my help, you won everything. I want you now to work with the same childish energy that you once displayed. Thinking of what will happen and fear of failure will bring you down. You do remember how you worked before, don’t you?

Yours Truly,