Monday, May 26, 2008


Few days ago I finished reading the science fiction book by prominent and world renowned scientist Jayant Naralikar named “Tales Of The Future”. When I saw this book in the library I couldn’t resist the temptation of picking it up for only one good reason – It was written by Jayant Naralikar. I had the privilege of seeing this great scientist when I was in higher secondary.

The “Tales Of The Future” contains ten science fiction stories. I’m giving the titles of all ten stories and a brief outline or sort of introduction -

1. The Ice Age Cometh- In this story, our earth is destined to a grim fate due to sudden Ice Age. Although the commencement of Ice Age was predicted by an Indian scientist Vasant Chitnis , his theory was ridiculed by other prominent scientists of the world. How and what does he do to avoid this unavoidable??
The story is very interesting to read.

2. The Death Of A Mega polis- This story is based in Mumbai and shows the fate of this city in the year 2041 A.D.

3. The Adventure- Another interesting story.

4. The Green Invaders- Well if you are looking for alien stories then here is a surprise for you. Read the story and witness the surprise which awaits you.
Three people observe something which is unusual for everyone to believe.
Are this optical illusions or a reality is for you to find out.

5. Virus- Here is another U.F.O. story where earthlings are conversing with aliens. But why the name Virus?? Well well well….. Find it out yourself J

6. The Comet- Superstition says that comets bring bad luck or ill fate. An Indian amateur astronomer discovers a new comet. Is it going to bring bad luck as the superstition goes? Or will it pass without creating any catastrophe? Again the story is interesting.

7. The Rare Idol Of Ganesha- It is Pramod Rangnekar’s last test match. His magic had faded. But something unusual happens on the field. Pramod, who is a right-armed bowler, surprises everyone with his left armed bowling skill which ambushes the opponent team. A right-armed bowler turning into a left-armed bowler in one night. What is the secret behind this?

8. The Unforeseen Option- Five people from different countries have been sent on a secret mission. What is this secret mission and where does this lead the five people and what will they accomplish in this mission?

9. A Trojan Horse- Have you ever heard about Trojan Horse? If not then don’t worry. You will come to know as the story progresses and why this story is named so. A spacecraft is approaching earth. Is it a U.F.O.? But then why is the term Trojan Horse coming in this space technology era?

10. An Alien Hand- Hmmm.. now this is a very interesting story and has an exciting end. So don’t miss this story. Yes you may expect aliens in this story but end will convey you everythingJ

If you are a science fiction reader then this book is a must read. And since it is written by Jayant Naralikar , I’ll suggest everyone to read this book. He has received many national and international awards for his contributions to science. He has worked hard to popularize science.
So don’t miss any chance of reading his works. You will surely appreciate it.


Today was a day of respite from the glare of the sun rays. It rained very heavily in the morning. I just missed the yearly observation of watching and admiring the first heavy rainfall which I have been following for many years.
I was attending V.B. class when it started raining which Pankaj is taking. Pankaj’s my senior, very good friend, my “ PROGRAMMING GURU ” and my mentor. We really admire him because he has learnt most of programming languages and gained ample computer knowledge in such a short span of time.(less than 3 years) He has also taught my senior and a very good friend of mine Seva who is his classmate J

Reading newspaper takes a lot of time, and when you are reading Times Of India, then well, you can expect that. There’s ample news in store for you in that paper. I read Times Of India Mumbai edition before they came out with Goa edition.

The sky is still cloudy. I really love rainy season because of the cool and sort of chilly climate and the greenery which spreads all around. It’s in the rainy season that my mind is more alert and active. I love reading a good novel when it rains outside heavily or just observe the rain pouring down. The climate is good but the only thing which is beyond tolerance is the power failures. Watching lightening cutting the sky is also my favourite pastime.

I was in the habit of writing poems when I was in 6th and 7th std but soon lost the habit.:(

It’s always interesting to note the different colours the sky gains during the different times of the day. The color changes as the day progresses and during the rainy season you witness extraordinary combinations. The clouds positioned in amazing ways , the dark grayish colored clouds which surround the sky , coupled with greenery from the earth. One of the most astonishing feature is when the sun shines when the dark clouds are around. Out of the ordinary yet exceptional are the ways of nature of showing its splendor!!!!!!!!!
It’s been a VERRY LOOONG time since I went driving car. I think it’s been almost more than a year. Driving car is one of my passions. I had a lot of practice sessions. Once I went for a drive when it was raining very heavily even though I’d got license one or two months before. Those Were The Days………….

Friday, May 16, 2008

A day of my life

The days drag on as usual . Get up in the morning , read books , attend programming classes (well that’s the best part of the day!!!! J) ,come home , do homework , read books , surf the net ( these days it’s mostly orkut ), watch a good Hollywood movie if a good one is being shown , do some reading again and that’s the end of the day.. hmmmm… pretty boring I suppose……..

I think I should add more stuff to my daily routine since still a month is left for the college to commence…...
Brush up concepts that are fading away from my memory and learn some new stuff ( Programing of course!;) ) And of course , solve some more of sudoku’s.. It’s really interesting to solve a sudoku…… I never get up until I solve it or on some days when I don’t get the solution because I planted a wrong number in some cell. U should be careful while putting numbers in the cells; one wrong move and the entire puzzle is a mess . And these days I have suddenly developed a liking for puzzles…. The same way I’d got liking for listening to Hindi oldies stuff few months ago. The music is soothing to ears .:)

But seriously speaking , I have to gear up and that too as soon as possible. Or may be from this very moment…..hehehehe

It is high time that I should start planning my stuff. Be serious about studies
( Of course I was serious but what I mean is put in a little more efforts ) and of course have fun at the same time coz I can’t live pretty boring and serious life .

Any suggestions how can I plan my day so that by the end of the day I feel great and satisfied that I didn’t waste a single moment of the day!!!!!!
M waiting for valuable suggestionsJ Adieu!!!!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Book Review


The Dark Arena

-By Mario Puzo

Today I finished reading “The Dark Arena” by the famous author Mario Puzo… I thought I should start my blog by writing a short review of the book and my ideas on this book.

The Dark Arena is a story revolving around Walter Mosca who returns home to the U.S.A. after the war but soon returns to the land which he had left. The story is staged in Germany which shows the aftermath of war.

The book starts with Brother Karamazov’s idea on hatred. In that it is said that hell is the suffering of being unable to love.

Mosca is shown as a man who does not posses any feelings. He comes to his home country U.S.A. but soon returns to the land (Germany) where he was fighting- The land of the enemy. He meets Hella who had been waiting for him since the time he had left. He lives with Hella even though it is against the rule. At every step it shown that American cigarettes will buy almost anything. Then there are his friends Eddie, Wolf, Gordon………. And many other characters..

The climax shows a bitter and tragic end of the affair between Mosca and his girlfriend Hella.

The book makes you to think about Mosca’s character. Is it the brutality of long years of war that makes him a stone-hearted person that he is shown ? He does not regret when he decides to leave his home, his mother, fiancée and brother and does not reply to letters.

The title “ Dark Arena ” truly suits the story.


I will be blogging on various subjects ranging from book reviews , music, movies, or any issue about which I feel strongly and anything which I feel is worth blogging. Please overlook my grammatical errors which you are bound to encounter in my blogs.;) I will be eagerly waiting for comments….

Sunday, May 11, 2008


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