Saturday, June 7, 2008


Another rainy day. It has been raining continuously since morning. The greenery has spread everywhere now that the rainy season is in full swing. Nature has always captivated my attention whether it is a beach or a tree. Or take a simple flower. Observe it minutely and you will admire its beauty . And if you are a science student who is interested in biology then you will admire the way its different parts work and co-ordinate with each other. And then you will realize its value.
I like to watch the way the animals interact with each other and particularly their survival instincts that they show on Discovery channel or Nat Geo . Marine life is so vast. I remain spellbound when I watch it on the television and long to see the beauty of nature with my own eyes. Truly, there are so many beautiful things to witness on this planet earth. I long to watch at least a few things. There are so many things to see besides nature too. I love to go places and confine the memories permanently in my mind. If I get a chance I’ll love to visit the North Western states.
Well it is still raining continuously and looks like it’s going to rain forever…Yeah!! And I have nothing else to do except watch the rain J Blogging has become kind of an addiction for me. Whenever I am free I switch on my PC and start writing blogs. I love to do this activity. My new hobby you can say..:)
Right now at this moment I feel like doing multiple things. I wana blog, read a book and even feel like driving car in this rain.. hahahah (or should I say multitasking? ;))

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