Friday, September 25, 2015


The other day I was alone at home in the evening taking some rest. I was feeling really lonely at that time. I don’t know the reason for it. Suddenly a spark ignited in my mind and I kept wondering – Is loneliness a state of our mind?
Thus the thoughts started flowing in mind one after the other. But the question still remained unanswered – Is loneliness a creation of our mind? Does our mind create the concept of loneliness?
Imagine yourself that you  wake up one morning only to find that you are in a very different place where there are no human beings; neither there are any other kind of living creatures or anything; just a deserted place. And you know you would be there for heaven knows how long. Wouldn’t you feel lonely? The answer is Yes!! Anyone would feel lonely and agitated in such a place. But now imagine that you are in a very beautiful place such as Shimla or any hill station or beautiful hills; but with the same condition that there won’t be any human habitation. You walk alone along the rarely or never travelled paths, climb hills , walk through the pine forests… Given  this beauty of nature would you feel lonely?
Do we always  need living beings for not being lonely? I agree man is a social being and society is one of THE most important needs of a human being.
But in this today’s busy world, despite of being surrounded by people, despite the laughter  and joys we share, despite a nice chat with your close friend over coffee, at the end of the day we do feel lonely. And why  is that ? This question is still pricking my mind ever since it cropped in my mind.
And with this loneliness comes dreary thoughts. We know that empty mind is a devil’s workshop. This devil enters your mind stealthily when you are alone and you have nothing to do.
The best solution is very simple and has been repeated umpteen times by everyone-keep your mind preoccupied and keep yourself busy. Yes!! That’s the solution.
But the question is still scratching my mind – is loneliness really an illusion which is created by our mind??
What I feel is Loneliness comes in when you have no one to turn to when you really need some one to share your thoughts with. A crowd cannot wipe your loneliness neither can you be lonely when you are all alone in a deserted place.
I don’t know whether what I want to convey to readers has been comprehended by them.  Its just that a thought struck me and kept me guessing and I tried my best to put it in words.
NOTE: I thank my friend Punks for APPROVING this post. I was in two minds whether to publish it or not. Punks read this and gave me encouragement to publish it.  Also I thank Nandita for encouraging  me to continue writing. Thanks Nands for appreciating my previous blog..  :)

Addendum :  I published this post on wordpress blog on 17 June 2011.

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