Friday, May 6, 2016

Reflection - A To Z Challenge 2016

Proper sequence of ideas creates sentences. Amalgamation of sentences in turn recreate those ideas in the minds of the readers who wish to know your thoughts.

April month had been a ride as far as thoughts, ideas, goals and A to Z challenge were concerned. I brought all of these together and created a theme for A to Z challenge - “ Finding Myself : Living My Life” .

A to Z challenge is a platform where more than thousand bloggers write their posts and go on a reading spree. For me, the theme was more for myself than others. Finding your own self and your passion isn't as easy as is portrayed often.
Most often hobby is mistaken to be one’s passion. Distinguishing between both is one's own job.

Finding my passion and living the life on my own terms, Finding Me was my goal as well as theme for the month of April along with the writing challenge. Writing daily wasn't much pain as I knew what I wanted in life which eventually would be published as a series of blog posts.

During this journey, I read many new, unknown and previously known bloggers and was amazed at the talent people possessed. Ideas are diverse, and so are the people. Most people chose themes close to them, while others preferred sharing knowledge they possessed. Still others displayed their creative side with poems and fiction.

About my writing during this challenge, Though I cannot say I liked one blog post more than the other, these two I wrote with all the passion I felt when I took up the topics.

Horrible Husband
Ode to Pappa

Learnings from this challenge were ample. I learnt that I make writing mistakes which span from the most basic to most difficult ones. Though writing on a daily basis and coming up with new topics everyday isn't that easy, I found it comfortable because mine was more of free write. Given a choice, I would prefer writing one post systematically over writing on ten topics in a spree.

The theme allowed me to focus more on my growth in every field and I'm happy that I chose the theme I wrote on. I may not have gained many readers and followers, the self discovery proved worthwhile.

I have read about choosing and preparing for the next year challenge in advance. For the likes of me, I do not know how feasible and realistic that could be. But the entire writing exercise has given me new techniques and goals.

I wish to take the learnings of this month and try and improve my writing. What do I wish to be known as? A writer.

I wish to thank The Blogchatter team for the support. Chandni and Richa deserve more thanks than anything.

Here is a list of my blog posts of the April A To Z Challenge 2016.

- I

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  1. What a terrific idea to list all your blogs in your Reflections post. I'm going to have to remember that for next year. I liked your theme very much. I did one on "emotion words." Similar. Have a great week.
    Impromptu Promptlings