Friday, April 29, 2016

Zero Zip Zilch

#ATOZ Challenge Theme: Finding Myself - Living My Life

“With no cavalry to guard me, I started my journey on my own; vulnerable to attacks by all from every direction. I had absolutely nothing to guard myself. So what did I do? I used all the skills and qualities that I possess to guard myself. Was it easy, you ask. Of course it isn’t. Did you fear, you ask. Yes, of course. Sometimes I felt like giving up and running back to my safe haven, but something stopped me every time. The desire to keep going and the success encouraged me, and I kept moving ahead. I grabbed the opportunities which I saw fit, and turned away from temptations and forces which kept pulling me away from my path.”

How exciting it would be to start on a blank canvas! Would you like to make a fresh start by painting on a blank canvas or the one which has scribblings on it already?

I see a blank canvas in front of me and I am excited. Call me what you may; stubborn, rebel, bold. But I wish to own a blank canvas of my own; just for myself on which I can write to my heart’s content with not even a dot on it.

Zero Zip Zilch. Nothing. Nada!

I wish to start everything from the scratch, knowing now what qualities I have regained and what qualities I require. The canvas is new and is ready to be used. I have almost learnt the purpose of my life. I am still seeking, learning and going Beyond the conventional rules laid; that is a continuous process. It isn’t easy. All that I have learnt throughout this month, I wish to apply it to achieve my goals.

Right from my very first post of #AtoZChallenge, I had chosen to write for myself; for my improvement in every field I thought was possible. The journey will go beyond this challenge. What I learnt till now throughout this month has benefited me a lot and laid a foundation for me to start thinking about myself.

Battles in life are always present. You will be told to sacrifice your goals to fulfil someone else’s. Would you do it? Answer is left to you. But do not forget your purpose of life. Your passion! It requires your qualities and your zeal. And how do you begin your pursuit of your passion? Start from nothing. And build it one brick at a time.

Knowing what qualities I will need to achieve my goals; be it Killer Instinct, Being Jealous(this was a contradicting blog post), Panache, I need to make sure that the crown on my head doesn’t falter and eventually fall down.

My Pappa will always be my inspiration. And not to forget the Horrible Husband  :D (Read to know how Horrible Husband helped me)


With this my A To Z Challenge 2016 comes to an end. But my journey of “Finding Myself” continues… The Journey has only begun.,. And from where did it begin? From nothing. Phoenix rises from the ashes. Begin from nothing and build something.


  1. What an incredible introspective journey you have had.
    That's a very valid question if one would choose to give up one's goals for the sake of others' goals but not losing our purpose in life.
    Congratulations on successful completion of the A to Z Challenge :)
    The Era I Lived In

  2. Loved the way you wrote and yes, always a long way to go and get better with time.

  3. Really inspiring & best of luck with your journey with yourself.

  4. Great post -glad you finished the A to Z!

  5. Good luck "finding yourself", it's not always an easy journey, but it's definitely a worthwhile one :)

  6. A great way to end this journey Seeya! You have put in a lot in all your soul-searching posts. Wish you the best in all your endeavors. Congrats on successfully cmpleting the challenge :)

  7. As with any construction project, sometimes it's easier to start from scratch. Congrats on finishing the challenge!

  8. Starting from scratch is wonderful but hard. Thanks for the visit