Monday, May 26, 2008


Today was a day of respite from the glare of the sun rays. It rained very heavily in the morning. I just missed the yearly observation of watching and admiring the first heavy rainfall which I have been following for many years.
I was attending V.B. class when it started raining which Pankaj is taking. Pankaj’s my senior, very good friend, my “ PROGRAMMING GURU ” and my mentor. We really admire him because he has learnt most of programming languages and gained ample computer knowledge in such a short span of time.(less than 3 years) He has also taught my senior and a very good friend of mine Seva who is his classmate J

Reading newspaper takes a lot of time, and when you are reading Times Of India, then well, you can expect that. There’s ample news in store for you in that paper. I read Times Of India Mumbai edition before they came out with Goa edition.

The sky is still cloudy. I really love rainy season because of the cool and sort of chilly climate and the greenery which spreads all around. It’s in the rainy season that my mind is more alert and active. I love reading a good novel when it rains outside heavily or just observe the rain pouring down. The climate is good but the only thing which is beyond tolerance is the power failures. Watching lightening cutting the sky is also my favourite pastime.

I was in the habit of writing poems when I was in 6th and 7th std but soon lost the habit.:(

It’s always interesting to note the different colours the sky gains during the different times of the day. The color changes as the day progresses and during the rainy season you witness extraordinary combinations. The clouds positioned in amazing ways , the dark grayish colored clouds which surround the sky , coupled with greenery from the earth. One of the most astonishing feature is when the sun shines when the dark clouds are around. Out of the ordinary yet exceptional are the ways of nature of showing its splendor!!!!!!!!!
It’s been a VERRY LOOONG time since I went driving car. I think it’s been almost more than a year. Driving car is one of my passions. I had a lot of practice sessions. Once I went for a drive when it was raining very heavily even though I’d got license one or two months before. Those Were The Days………….

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