Friday, May 16, 2008

A day of my life

The days drag on as usual . Get up in the morning , read books , attend programming classes (well that’s the best part of the day!!!! J) ,come home , do homework , read books , surf the net ( these days it’s mostly orkut ), watch a good Hollywood movie if a good one is being shown , do some reading again and that’s the end of the day.. hmmmm… pretty boring I suppose……..

I think I should add more stuff to my daily routine since still a month is left for the college to commence…...
Brush up concepts that are fading away from my memory and learn some new stuff ( Programing of course!;) ) And of course , solve some more of sudoku’s.. It’s really interesting to solve a sudoku…… I never get up until I solve it or on some days when I don’t get the solution because I planted a wrong number in some cell. U should be careful while putting numbers in the cells; one wrong move and the entire puzzle is a mess . And these days I have suddenly developed a liking for puzzles…. The same way I’d got liking for listening to Hindi oldies stuff few months ago. The music is soothing to ears .:)

But seriously speaking , I have to gear up and that too as soon as possible. Or may be from this very moment…..hehehehe

It is high time that I should start planning my stuff. Be serious about studies
( Of course I was serious but what I mean is put in a little more efforts ) and of course have fun at the same time coz I can’t live pretty boring and serious life .

Any suggestions how can I plan my day so that by the end of the day I feel great and satisfied that I didn’t waste a single moment of the day!!!!!!
M waiting for valuable suggestionsJ Adieu!!!!!!!

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