Monday, May 26, 2008


Few days ago I finished reading the science fiction book by prominent and world renowned scientist Jayant Naralikar named “Tales Of The Future”. When I saw this book in the library I couldn’t resist the temptation of picking it up for only one good reason – It was written by Jayant Naralikar. I had the privilege of seeing this great scientist when I was in higher secondary.

The “Tales Of The Future” contains ten science fiction stories. I’m giving the titles of all ten stories and a brief outline or sort of introduction -

1. The Ice Age Cometh- In this story, our earth is destined to a grim fate due to sudden Ice Age. Although the commencement of Ice Age was predicted by an Indian scientist Vasant Chitnis , his theory was ridiculed by other prominent scientists of the world. How and what does he do to avoid this unavoidable??
The story is very interesting to read.

2. The Death Of A Mega polis- This story is based in Mumbai and shows the fate of this city in the year 2041 A.D.

3. The Adventure- Another interesting story.

4. The Green Invaders- Well if you are looking for alien stories then here is a surprise for you. Read the story and witness the surprise which awaits you.
Three people observe something which is unusual for everyone to believe.
Are this optical illusions or a reality is for you to find out.

5. Virus- Here is another U.F.O. story where earthlings are conversing with aliens. But why the name Virus?? Well well well….. Find it out yourself J

6. The Comet- Superstition says that comets bring bad luck or ill fate. An Indian amateur astronomer discovers a new comet. Is it going to bring bad luck as the superstition goes? Or will it pass without creating any catastrophe? Again the story is interesting.

7. The Rare Idol Of Ganesha- It is Pramod Rangnekar’s last test match. His magic had faded. But something unusual happens on the field. Pramod, who is a right-armed bowler, surprises everyone with his left armed bowling skill which ambushes the opponent team. A right-armed bowler turning into a left-armed bowler in one night. What is the secret behind this?

8. The Unforeseen Option- Five people from different countries have been sent on a secret mission. What is this secret mission and where does this lead the five people and what will they accomplish in this mission?

9. A Trojan Horse- Have you ever heard about Trojan Horse? If not then don’t worry. You will come to know as the story progresses and why this story is named so. A spacecraft is approaching earth. Is it a U.F.O.? But then why is the term Trojan Horse coming in this space technology era?

10. An Alien Hand- Hmmm.. now this is a very interesting story and has an exciting end. So don’t miss this story. Yes you may expect aliens in this story but end will convey you everythingJ

If you are a science fiction reader then this book is a must read. And since it is written by Jayant Naralikar , I’ll suggest everyone to read this book. He has received many national and international awards for his contributions to science. He has worked hard to popularize science.
So don’t miss any chance of reading his works. You will surely appreciate it.


  1. gr8 seeya... i think i shuld read this book... it sounds so intersting....

  2. do read it varun.. you will like it... speacially the alien stories