Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Kickstart To Restart

You know that New Year doesn’t change anything much. It is just another day, just another month and just another year. Still, there is hope that you will do this and you will do that. You made a decision at the end of November to do something everyday of the month in December and then track your progress at the end of the month. And despite being the “Her Highness Procrastinator”, you completed the task that you had planned for yourself. And rejoiced with joy.

Looking at this progress and your own enthusiasm, you start making a list of things to be done during the coming year despite knowing that you have never followed them when you made them. That was long ago, many years back, when you thought every new year was “New Year, New Mething. Now that is a thing of the past. But then, halfway into December, you realised that if you could do something in a months’ time, why not map out a yearly chart? Thus begins your thinking process. And you list down “Things To Do” during this coming year. You make elaborate plans and resolve to do monthly rain check.

You step into the New Year. Five days (Let’s round it up to 7 days,which makes it a week) into the first month of the New Year and you are wondering. Where did the days disappear? So does that mean you are not going to do anything about it? Are you going to let the time slip out of your hand? And then it dawns on you; and you remember your own blog posts that you had written last month stressing that it is not always too late to start something new and that you shouldn’t wait for new year to start something. Ahh!! Finally. And then you put on your thinking cap again, forgive yourself for wasting first five days( read first week) of the first month of the year, and start the things that you had planned for.

Sometimes you do need a kickstart to restart!!

A Note : They say writing diary helps you to reflect upon yourself. Writing diary stopped eons ago for reasons best known to the writer herself. Writing blogs about resolutions did help since it allowed to reflect upon few things and gave hope and solace.


  1. Bright start to a new new year <3 here's hoping this one brings you and this blog wonderful steps ahead!

    1. Thanks Richa and wish you the same :)

  2. Great start to the new year, Seeya! Happy 2016! :)