Thursday, January 7, 2016


If you want to know something about me, the first thing I would like to shamelessly declare is that I am big time Procrastinator. I do not hail it as an achievement. People have had hard time digesting this fact about me. To know more about me, Click “About Me” and you will know a lot more.

The reason I brought out this one quality of mine, i.e. procrastination in this article was because this post is about discipline and I wanted to write about my current state of discipline.

Having spent a month blogging each day so that I get that hang of writing again, here I am, actually doing nothing. Few days back, I wrote a post “A Kickstart To Restart”. I assumed that  it was a motivational post for myself and that would make me do the things that I had planned for. It is the 7th day of the month and I open my laptop and wait for something to dawn on me to write about. All thanks to my procrastination, discipline in life has gone for a toss.

About ten- eleven months ago, I left my job for good and had a big transition in my life. (About this I am yet to write, hail procrastination) I thought I would get all the time to do things that I have always wanted to, but never did because of studies and then job. I was excited, but what did I do? Spend lazy days watching television or browsing net and accepting each day as it came. There was no definite plan as to what to execute when. Only ideas. And no discipline. And thus passed lazy months doing nothing at all. Once in a blue moon, a blog post or two popped up. December month saw me getting involved in writing. I actually started it as an exercise and to uplift myself a bit from laziness. It turned out pretty well.

And here I am back again doing nothing. Have taken up few challenges which are yet to kickstart.
When I look back at the months passed by, I feel that lack of discipline in life and of course procrastination are the root causes. Discipline, a good plan and rain check helps a lot. What I need to do is keep a daily check instead of the monthly check that I had initially thought of. I am focussing more on writing quality posts instead of writing something random everyday on my blog. Things aren’t going the way I had planned. I do not wish to wait for another year to start something new. Like I have mentioned many times, do not wait for the new year, start anytime and keep a track.

As far as reading goes, I have planned to read 24 books in a year. Some people plan to read 100. To be frank, I was toying with the same number. Writing, like I said, focus is on writing quality posts instead of quantity.

Pass me some good positive energy and encouragement people, Will you?


  1. I have mentioned Pro-Procrastinator in one of my bio. So, believe me you are not doing a good job at being a procrastinator. Being an expert, I can say that. :P

    Having said that, I believe writing is a form of expression, a way to let our thoughts flow through words. Sometimes, we have this thought or an amazing idea and we really want to write about it, but we just can't formulate and pen them down. It happens with everyone, I guess. But at the same point, we can't force ourselves to write that thought. It might not come as expected. That is why, I haven't written for a while now. (See, I am a pro at procrastinating.)

    And I agree with discipline. A writer really needs that. I, for one have no discipline at all (okay, let's not talk about me).

    On that note, sending all the positive energy to you. Hope to see more posts from you. :)
    Keep writing. Take Care. :D

  2. Ah Procrastination, that old friend of mine. He has a habit of raising his ugly head ever so often. Glad you sent him flying and you're blogging again, Seeya!

    1. I am scared of "this" friend. He just drags you and you feel you have no way of returning.

  3. You can try writing to prompts, Seeya. They always help to free the mind and execute something in free writing. Hope to see you blogging with a frenzy soon :)

  4. Quality over quantity is a great plan, Seeya. But sometimes that can also add to procrastination and become an excuse for not writing. Trust me, I know. I have been-there-done-that.

    So, do set yourself a smaller, less rigid goal, like - blogging once a week, instead of every day. One quality post a week. Doable? That will ensure you keep writing.

    Send you lots of positive vibes, and hope to see you blogging more often. :)

  5. You write with refreshing candidness and that is why I like reading your blog posts, Seeya. We are all guilty of procastination - I am a big one on that...I have promised myself that I will write a post once a week and it seemed to work till I fell ill with a bad bout of fever that I am still recovering from. So, the thing I felt while sick is that I had all the time in the world to write a post but I was so unwell that I couldn't. The takeaway - while you are in good health, make the most of it, keep writing and let the writing shine!

    Sending you lots of positive energy!

    1. Thanks Svara for reading and appreciation. Hope you get well soon. Wishing you a healthy recovery.

  6. I know procastination very well. I am now trying my level best to not fall off the wagon and I must say it is going okay other than when I fall ill. Keep reading other blogs, that is a great inspiration for me to write. :)