Friday, September 25, 2015


Why and how does a friendship built painstakingly over years break? Misunderstandings?? Yes! One of the major reasons. Otherwise why would anyone think of parting away from his/her best friend whom he/she trusted more than any one?
A silly incident creates so many misunderstandings that over a course of time, feeling of resentment , mistrust , negativity all pile one on top of the other until a time comes when it becomes difficult to surmount. Many attempts made to save the already or almost drowned friendship turn futile.
A time comes when both the best friends decide to walk separate paths of their own. The two friends whose friendship was an epitome for all the people around become strangers to each other; rather I would say they opt to become strangers to each other. No hellos, no smile, no sign of recognition . . .
But is it so easy to part away from your best buddy? Especially if the person is your childhood friend. . . . definitely it is no easy at all.
Behaving like a stranger is just a mere act. Deep inside it is really a difficult thing to do so. Once upon a time the two people for whom the world around them didn’t matter when they were engrossed  in their own little talk become strangers to each other.
What went wrong , who started it all is not that important than knowing the feeling a person may get after breaking his friendship. It is said that time heals every wound. True! But to what extent? Both the friends (I mean who were once upon a time the best friends) get accustomed to living without each other as the time passes. But one fine day, at a regular hangout place,  you notice two or three best friends busy in their own little dialogue and nothing else seems to bother them except each others’ company. Your mind starts wandering to the time when you and your best friend were the same. Time, surrounding, crowd didn’t matter to you’ll except the silly conversations which seemed so important at that time. And you wonder… silly things do happen every time. Neither of us was at fault. I should have forgiven my friend. But was there any serious issue so  as to forgive? The only mistake being misunderstandings should have been cleared right away at that time. The times spent with each other discussing every little thing.. wasn’t it more important than the little misunderstanding that cropped up? How could such a silly thing destroy everything in one go?
Then you wonder, can all those days come back after such a long passage of time?
True, both the people move on with their respective  lives. But can things change between them? Can’t it all be reversed back?

People will have different opinions with regards to this post. I don’t feel I have written a very good article, I tried writing the way thoughts came one after the other. I might have mixed up few things and one line may have contradicted the other one. Also grammatical errors and spelling mistakes if any are regretted :)

And before any one asks me through the comment if I’m writing this from personal experience let me tell you before hand that isn’t true. :) Most of the time we hear songs and quotes praising friendship. I thought of having a look from a different angle.
Critical comments on my style of writing are always welcome since it will help me to improve on my writing.

Addendum: I published this post on my wordpress blog on 16 August 2011

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