Friday, September 25, 2015


…and the soul kept moving and wandering, in search of its other half, with the hope that it will unite with its mate and become one; for its union with its soulmate, who is the other half of its existence, would make it complete. The soul only knew that the search for its other half would eventually come to an end once they meet.  For the soul had the realization that they were one and not separate parts. They only had to find each other.
During its journey to find its missing part, it had found many incomplete wandering souls, and each time it thought that its missing part was found, the soul  concluded that its search was complete. But it actually happened that those incomplete pieces of souls belonged to some other missing part. If the soul really knew that it was actually searching for its other part, it should have easily recognised that the “many” souls whom it met on its way were actually searching for their soulmates. Why didn’t  the soul realise that it was trying to connect with a soul who belonged to other part? And why did the “many” other souls not realize that they too were trying to connect with the soul which rightly belonged to other incomplete soul?
Wasn’t one guess enough for the soul to recognize its other part? For only the soul should know and find its missing part. Both should fit perfectly like the two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The soul shouldn’t have spent time trying to fit with the pieces that would never fit.
The souls are at different places and it is left up to them to find their lost part. Searching for its other half is different from trying to fit with every other soul on its journey. For this journey is embarked by many souls searching for their part for its unification. Each soul should recognize its other half immediately rather than examining every soul to recognize if it belonged to itself.
And eventually when the soul finds its other half which rightly belongs to itself, won’t the scars be reflected that were caused due to its efforts to fit itself with other wandering souls?
The fact that the soul examined every other soul that it found on its journey only meant that it did not recognize its own self, for if it had, it wouldn’t have tried fitting itself with every other soul. For recognizing its other half means recognizing one’s own self.

Addendum: This was on my wordpress blog this year on 5th Feb.

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