Friday, September 25, 2015

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I published this post on my wordpress blog on 31 december 2012

Well I always write and rewrite and then again rewrite, rephrase umpteen times before posting the write - up on this blog. I still prefer penning down my thoughts on paper once I'm satisfied with what I have written and then punching the keys instead of directly hitting the keyboard.
This time I thought I should post whatever I write on paper without rephrasing it even once. By the time I post this, it will be 2013 (pssst... It is 11.35 p.m. 2012 right now :P )
Nothing much to talk about 2012. Just want to mention that it ended on a bad note for India with people's anger overflowing in every part of the country.
The year overall was exciting,fun,boring... and on and on, just like how every year goes. Taught me many things though. What I learnt most is through observations. Taught me a lot.
I haven't been making new year resolutions for the past few years for the simple reason that I never follow them. In fact my resolution every year was NOT to keep any resolutions which I have kept so far ;) (bad joke I guess)
This year I thought I would make some resolutions. I have made a rough list. One of the resolutions is to maintain a diary to jot my random thoughts and ideas. I maintained diary many years back and wrote down diligently everyday about each day's events and happenings expressing my anger, happiness about them.
This time I want my diary to be different, not necessarily to write about daily activities but as I mentioned before, to write about whatever that comes in my mind.
There are many issues and thoughts that have been and are running in my mind. I will write about them in subsequent blog posts.
Oh yeah, let me share my other resolution with you --> Update my blog once in a while instead of once a year

Happy New Year Everyone.
Many this year bring lots of happiness, safety and prosperity in your lives!!! :)

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