Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A TO Z Challenge Theme Reveal

 My maiden attempt with a blogging challenge hasn't been as exciting this. This is the first ever blogging challenge that I am undertaking so far. (I have successfully completed self challenge of blogging everyday in the month of December 2015.) A TO Z challenge is a public platform where I will get to connect with my fellow bloggers and expect to meet new ones.

Attaching a theme to the challenge is such a creative idea. I wouldn't have thought that writing an article by thinking of a word with every alphabet of the English language would also have another level to it; a Theme. Very creative for us bloggers who can hone our skills and get our grey cells to work better.

Being the first attempt to showcase my writing to wider audience and self improvement, I felt why not write on a theme that helps myself? After all, they say, your blog is your own reflection. It tells stories to people from your viewpoint.

My theme is for myself and I wish it will help other people too. And here is my Theme:

"Finding Myself - Living My Life"

The writing will be free writing where I on my own wish to improve everyday. It will have an ode, letter, struggle and everything that life has to offer. 

The theme is a combo of the two titles - one decided by myself and the other one suggested by Richa; thanks for that girl!!

Come and live with my ideas all this month. I wish you reader will enjoy and devour every word I write. I will be happy and think my efforts paid if I get more ideas from you as readers.


  1. A wonderful theme Siya. Wish you all the best with the challenge. :)

  2. Hi Siya and welcome to the challenge.
    This is my second year and I have to tell you, last year it was a wonderful experience, I learned so much and I met so many amazing people. I'm sure you'll enjoy it a lot :-)

    The Old Shelter - Jazz Age Jazz

  3. Hi Seeya,
    Free write can be healing , liberating and transformational. But writing about oneself through the challenge would be a tough one. I wish all the luck with that.
    I hope to discover you as a person through your posts and I wish you discover and improve upon yourself both as a person and a blogger like you intend to do.


  4. Hmm..interesting theme - sharing the process of self discovery on a daily basis can be very challenging, but if successfully done, can be rewarding too. Wishing you the best.

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  6. I am looking forward to your posts Seeya I am sure you are going to rock it. This April find me around your blog hopping along with your posts :)