Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Break Loose, Break Free....

I have always been a free willed person hiding behind the maze of ideologies built by society. Now is the time to break loose, to break free.

One day I will break free from shackles of the society that have been holding me for long. Living the life to please others has long gone. I have seen people in my life trying to fulfill the wishes of others and never got a chance to live the way they wanted. Life just moved on. And did they do what they have always wanted to? No. They never got a chance. When I thought about this, I realised that I wouldn’t want to live like them. Yes of course, I do admire them. They are my idols, I have learnt how to fight for myself from them. But I do not wish to repent after few years that I never got the chance to live my life. I do not want to say “If only…”

One day I will stop thinking what people think about me. If I know I am right, that is enough for me. One Day I will learn to say “No” to every individual, young and old, if I feel it is the correct thing to do.

I want to learn many things in life. Age is not the limit for that. But the will is. One day I will stop doing things just to make someone happy which in turn make me unhappy.

One day I will live the life of my dreams and inspire other people to do the same. And that One Day begins NOW…!!!!

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