Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Be My Guest!!

You are cordially invited to explore the realm and depth of my mind. The invitation was made after I realised that some aspects of my conversation were misunderstood and a different conclusion was drawn from the words which were spewed out of frustration. They meant nothing, not even close to the conclusion that was drawn after they were uttered. Hence the invite.

You will be allowed to delve as much as you like and for as long as you want to understand the real motive of my words. Besides, you will have freedom to explore much more than searching for the motive. You will get an opportunity to explore other landscapes where thoughts, emotions, ideas keep brewing every second.

The purpose of the invite is obvious. You will get to know the real meaning of emotions and thoughts which I might have failed to convey (might?? Surely I failed to convey, hence this open invite to one and all) in my speech with you. You will get to know the real self, transparent and frank and what complex processes go in the mind. You will also understand why I fail to convey the real emotions; lack of words forming in mind, fear that I will hurt someone etc. Oh and yes! You will also be able to understand the fear that develops in one corner of mind due to which words uttered are very different than the thoughts. Be careful while exploring. All the things present in the mind, the new and old, are all interlinked. It is like a spider’s web. Do not get tangled. Just be calm and explore and try to figure out to solve the puzzle.

So what will be the significance of this exercise, you ask? Simple!! It is an attempt to make people understand my real self and thoughts and to stop them from making assumptions. Yes, yes!! I agree. I understand your doubt. You ask again, why don’t I make an effort to convey my real thoughts instead of uttering something which misleads people. Valid question! You see, the fear of hurting anyone is so real and big that things go awry. And there are many things which we will not delve into. So I thought why not throw an open invite to people so they get an opportunity to know and understand the real “Me”.

Now you ask, how to jump in my mind? Simple, I have invited you to explore my mind. How you will do that is easy. Just spend some time listening to me with an open mind. And yes, you ask again. What is the guarantee that I won’t mess up with the words and once again like always convey something else. I give you my guarantee, I will tell every little detail as long as you are ready to listen to what I have to say. I have prepared myself to tell you everything. There will be no goof ups. I have had enough listening to wrong opinions about me that I finally thought I should explain myself. But only if you are ready to accept things without making assumptions.

I wouldn’t want to waste my time either if you are going to draw same old conclusions. So make sure to come with a clean mind.

Note: This article is linked to the Blogchatter prompt of the week "Be My Guest!"

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