Saturday, March 5, 2016


Standing in the midst of nowhere, without a proper frame of mind and tangled in the worldly chores which I am keen to run away from, I ask myself this question - Who Am I?

What is my identity? Just a name attached to me which I am proud of? Or is there something more that describes me?

Who am I? I ask again. A degree attached which will fetch me a job, is this my identity? Or is it my interest that describes me?

In this world full of responsibilities and competition, I seem to have lost what I have had. I spent my life trying to please others without giving a thought about my identity. Weary and dreaded, I no longer have the strength to carry the stuff that I am expected. I now wish to live my life and search answer to this question - “ Who am I?” Hence I am here. In the middle of nowhere, no idea what to do, but determined to find an answer to this question that had been pricking in my mind for long.

I will now head on my journey to find the answer. Where will I find it? In the depth of my mind. Try out things and know what I like. I might falter, I might fall. But there is no way I will let people dictate me to do things that will pull me down. It is high time I find answer to this question - ”Who am I?” “What is my identity?”

Answer is lying in depth of my trying.

This post is in response to the BlogChatter prompt "Who Am I"

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