Monday, March 14, 2016

Why Am I Taking up #ATOZ Challenge

Though I am not proud of it, I would shout from the roof top that I am a big time procrastinator. Those who have been regularly reading my blog, will now bang their head at the mention of me being a procrastinator since I have written about it umpteen times ;)

Instead of calling myself a blogger, I would first like to call myself a writer who has immense love for writing.( Doesn’t bother me whether I am good at it or not. Atleast I make efforts to improve with each writing). Passion for writing has been mentioned in one of my old posts HERE. My writing was limited to my diaries and notebooks. It came out once in a while in competitions. People said I write better than the most. In sixth grade, I prided myself by being self- proclaimed poet since I had tried my hand at poems on nature. A handful of articles and poems got published in local dailies. Writing took a side step as years passed.

I discovered blogging, but there too, my writing was exposed to few of my friends who read my blog posts (Read who were “forced” to read :D ) It was way back in 2008. I didn’t know that I had to market it so that people could read. My main focus with blogging was to showcase my writing to the public which was hiding in some corner of the closet. The year 2008 was my brief stint with blogging and here are two of them which I wrote like a novice. Read THIS .

Again, due to other commitments, though I had time, I kept myself away from blogging, and more so, writing. To be frank, confidence level went down in the years that came since there was an “era” of demoralisation. Still, I wrote an article or two in my blog, and that was it.

Now having time for myself, I felt I should pursue the long lost habit. Nothing can keep me more engrossed than writing my thoughts on a piece of paper. The word processor has taken over since last year. (Don’t you think I should call myself a typer instead of a writer now? :) )

So I wish to showcase my writing to the people at large so that I can get useful tips from them for improving. I got exposure a few months back when I actively participated in Blogchatter. The platform aims at bringing the bloggers together. In the journey I came across many bloggers who are willing to help on their own for you to grow as a blogger. Some which who deserve the mention are Richa and Chandni who take interest in my blog and help out.

I had heard in 2015 about this ATOZ Challenge post April. This year I was toying with the idea whether to take the challenge. I had taken up self challenge in December 2015 to blog everyday so that I could get back to blogging. And boy was I happy. I successfully completed the task that I had taken up.

#ATOZ will provide me a platform to get to know more bloggers whom I can learn from and where my writing can be showcased. I came to know that people set up a theme and write based on it. I wish to read more blogs with themes so that I get more ideas and venture into different forms of writing of my own. I wish to get advice from passionate bloggers around the globe for my betterment and in turn read words to know what people think around the world. I will get to learn new topics and ideas. Hence the #ATOZ Challenge. 

Are you with me?

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  1. Hi Seeya
    A big thanks for the mention of my name in your post. it means so much considering its you who showers me with all the love , comments and shares.
    I am so looking forward to OUR very first AtoZChallenge together , I have a feeling it would be transformational for both of us.
    I can already see your writing becoming more confident , I am sure you would find your voice , style and right space as a blogger,
    lets have lots of fun!