Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sweet Dreams

Well, how many times have you dreamt in your sleep? Odd question to ask, isn’t it? Everyone dreams. Some may say, they don’t. It is just that they do not remember what they were dreaming in their sleep. I had read once that everyone dreams in their sleep and may or may not remember it when they wake up.

So what do you dream about? Something that bothers you, sweet dreams, bad dreams, horrible dreams. But have you ever found or dreamt something exquisite and forgotten when you woke up? It has happened with me many times. And every time I have been upset since I couldn’t remember what it was.

Once I remember there was a wonderful poetic composition that had struck me in my dream. At that time, I was high on writing poems; the habit that I lost as time passed. But I still remember trying in vain to remember the words of the poem. I just knew that it was a beautiful composition.

There have been other times when I had come up with amazing topics to write about in my dreams which I tried hard to remember.

I chose to write on this topic because there was a wonderful topic that had struck me today in my dream. And as usual, I am still trying to remember what the topic was. ( You see, even in my dreams, I cannot stop thinking about writing :D )

They say dreams have the power of their own. Sometimes, you find solutions to your problems in your dreams. Sometimes you get unusual dreams. I have tried finding answers to several problems in my dreams. Not that I have been successful anytime, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking and relating dreams with reality. And I still wait in vain for the day I will remember the poem that I had written in my dreams.

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