Monday, July 11, 2016

Blogging Friends Write Tribe Festival of Words Day 2 : WTFOW #5

Having missed the first day of the challenge, I would like to join from Day 2.

Blogging Friends

What better topic to start writing for this blogging challenge than writing about blogger friends.

Having published blog posts in isolation for long time, I got noticed by the Blogchatter community a few months ago when I joined their twitter page and people started reading my blog posts.

The encouragement that people read what I published is enough to keep writing but sometimes mind wanders and you are back to square one. And that is when Blogger friends, and friends of Blogger friends come in picture. I don’t know how write tribe came across my blog, but they asked in a tweet if I wanted to join this challenge. And yes of course, was the answer.

This first blog post for the challenge is dedicated to the Write Tribe and for my blogging pals who read and reply with their sweet words of encouragement.

Although I do not have any theme or idea as to what I will be writing about, I will write on random topics that arise in my mind for the next 5 days. The next five days will be my writing exercise to test how much and how creatively I can write without pre planning the writeups.

Thanks Write Tribe for inviting me to join this challenge.

This post is written as part of the Write Tribe Festival of Words Day 2 : WTFOW #5


  1. hey welcome to the Festival of Words Dear. Have a nice week

  2. Hey welcome dear, I am sure you'll enjoy this trip :)

  3. Glad you joined. You can still write your Day 1 post (back dated) and I'll add the link for you.

  4. Welcome to the Festival of Words! You're going to love it :)