Monday, July 18, 2016

When Hunger strikes

Often the fortunate ones do not realise the meaning of hunger until they face it. The less fortunate ones who have gone through the tough phase of hunger realise the value of food.

Most often we see people wasting ample food while in some other part of the corner people are seen "skipping" meals due to no availability of food.

Most often in the name of following diet or losing weight, we skip and starve even though ample food is available infront of us. Solution for losing weight is not starving, but eating the right quantity of food and the right kind of food.

One should value the food that he has in his plate and try and not to waste it. And it isn't just us, there are ample places and ways where food is wasted in great quantities; the amount of wastage is alarming.

This post was born out of realisation that even though there is ample food around, it doesn't reach people who are in dire need. 

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