Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"Bookish" Thoughts Day 5 of Write Tribe WTFOW #5

Another thought that struck my mind while reading a few articles about the influence of social media is the influx and the emergence of writers coming up everyday. It may sound harsh, but every Tom, Dick and Harry considers himself a writer. I know I haven't reached that stage where I can call myself one, and I have a long way to go. But my love for penning down thoughts on paper (now laptop) ever since I was a child hasn't stopped me from writing despite requiring much needed improvement in different ways. Having strong critic at home makes you feel you have to achieve a lot in your favorite field.

There is a lot of free advice doing rounds on the internet on "How To Write". Some are genuine. People have started online business mentoring how one should write, free of cost. But hey wait! I had heard there is no free lunch in this world. Full Stop!

Writing is an art which allows you to convey your thoughts in a manner that grabs the attention of the readers. Not everyone possesses the art. Some have the natural ability while others have to build it over time.

The advent of social media and the power given by it to users has allowed every person to pen her/his thoughts which otherwise would either hide in the closet or were available to the crowd she/he was familiar to.

Not everyone had the medium to publish his thoughts. Newspapers published articles of only those which they found suitable. But today different branches of social media have given you flexibility to pour your thoughts in few characters to unlimited ones.

Blog has turned everyone into an author. Develop a plot in your mind, type it and hit the publish button! There you go! Few people read it, applaud and then you are forgotten. Only the ones who can express remain in the race. The people who never tried lifting a pen and didn't prefer writing are typing their thoughts furiously. Is it the love for writing, publicity, or following the crowd, I wonder

Self publishing has opened new grounds for everyone to publish their books. The point I wish to make here is, there is so much crowd and so many authors that you sometimes do not understand what to read and what not to. Even though you wish to try new books, you do not know where to start. Sometimes, it looks as if there are more authors than readers.

Solution; it is said that develop your own unique style of writing. But sometimes it feels like even uniqueness has become so common that you cannot find it :D

Opportunities today are many. People will try to grab them. Uniqueness has become common. Find the uniqiueness in the common unique things. 


  1. One of the reasons I hesitate to write a book is that there are just too many authors out there! ;)

  2. Author Author everywhere.....Why need I author be...?.....:D

  3. You are right that there are many Bloggers & writers too.
    Finding uniqueness is the key!

  4. Uniqueness becoming common? Sigh, that sounds kinda scary. People talk of going against the tide, but now it seems like the tide is in every direction. Let's just stay true to ourselves and live on this commonly unique life

  5. Just jot down what strikes your mind ...the simplicity and innocence makes the writing unique.