Monday, July 11, 2016


It turned out same like every year. “New Year, New Me” looks appealing during December and January and by the time its end of February, you fall into the usual routine. One can find many posts written about this in my blog during the month of December 2015. But like the years which had “New Year Resolutions” written with so much hope in my diary, this year resolutions suffered the same fate like them. Refraining myself from making resolutions for many years, I thought the new vigour in me would make me keep them this year; but all in vain.

What did I re-learn from this is that I do not need the new year to start anything new. Still we do measure our progress from 1st of Jan every year.To start anything new, you do not even need a new day. Just start it from the next moment. You need the enthu to start something good.

My reflections and musings have made me conclude that growing and developing for your own self is the best thing that you can ever do. Life is precious, it is said. Keep healthy, live healthy and do something with your life which is worthwhile. Taking care of one’s own self is the best thing one could do.

I cannot actually write much about the first half of the year except that I participated in very few contests and that I am gaining momentum since last month. A month long break and days spent in loneliness helped me reflect many things.

Conclusion: Live for yourself. Gain knowledge to satisfy the ever curious brain. Bring the child out within you instead of behaving like an adult.

And yes! Write more!

This post is written as part of Half Time 2016 for The Blogchatter.

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