Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"N" Things that... and How To's Day 4 Write Tribe WTFOW #5

Social media since past one year (?) or more has been abuzz with giving lots of wanted and unwanted advice. There is a spree of solutions (some self-tested) for almost every question; be it physical, environmental or emotional query.

I remember a time in my childhood where there would be column for personal questions in some magazines where people posted anonymously and agony aunts provided solutions to almost every personal questions people sent. Did they ever go through those difficult times, I wonder. But "natural" tendency of people who are in deep s**t always always either run to miracle babas and their female counterparts or turn to agony aunts.

These days you do not even need to do that, although people still secretly check their horoscopes for the day. Speaking about horoscopes, my curiosity lead me to a so called popular website which has classified horoscopes into health, education, love life, personal life and so on. You will be surprised seeing the number of websites dedicated to and doing business of astrology. To each his own!

Social media has taken a step ahead wherein certain "groups" or "pages" allow free advice to anything and everything. "Like" or "Follow" any e magazine and you will see atleast five to ten articles written on "How To..." , "What to do if..." , "27 things that...". When I started following and liking certain, I had no idea that the online community would be generously pouring out advice after advice. Well, I do read them in my free time. But do I follow them?  Well, it upto each one to take in what is good and what is not required.

"10 Homemade remedies for Healthy skin". Well, I will definitely read this one, which provides 10 different ways to make your skin glow. Am I going to try all the ten techniques on my face? Although they look appealing, it is upto me to decide which will be suitable for me. I cannot just follow it without doing a little more research or asking someone to know and decide if they suit my skin.

"How to win back your boyfriend". Well, frustrated people may even try the the mentioned points. But do you need to? Can't you do it on your own?

As it is told many times, listen to everyone, but do what you feel is right for you. Listen to all the worldly advice given, think about your issue from every aspect, consider solutions provided and derive your own solution suitable for your problem. There isn't any one solution to every similar problem.

Life is different for every individual depending on her/his situation. Not everyone CAN TRY the "27 Things every person should do once you are 27." So do not just get up and start doing it unless you are absolutely sure of what you are going to do. :D

Despite all this, it is worth spending time reading the articles which are actually helpful in our daily life. Some are daily hacks that make your chores simpler, some give boost to your creativity, while others open new pastures for you to explore things that you never thought were available or possible to do at home.

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  1. Ha ha! I know what you mean. There are two side to everything and this is yet another one. While there is free advice, there are some great articles online.
    My day 3 post was something similar. Read when you get time -