Monday, July 18, 2016

Give up or Not ?

The night sky promised another bright day once the black carpet gave way to its ego alterer.She gazed up to have the final look and closed the window.

She closed her eyes. She hoped things would go the way she had mapped them out. She had put in a lot of efforts and was sure of her victory. Still, the worry did not let her sleep.

She tossed and turned on her bed. No! Her dream was just a few hours away and it wouldn’t let her sleep. What if she didn’t see her dream come true? She would know it within a few hours from now. She was confident, but scared. Too many things had kept her away from realising her dream. But she didn’t give up. But what if her dreams come crashing down? Simple! Try again. Fall, but get up. Do not give up. Come what may, I will not give up, she thought and had sound sleep.

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  1. Can relat to this post ....
    Happens with the tossaing turning and then sleeping everyday .