Monday, July 18, 2016

Keeping a Journal

From my personal experience, keeping a diary helps a lot. Be it personal experience, or even your exam or study schedule, it helped me review and know what I had done during the past days. Being the forgetful person that I have always been, diary helped me keep a track of the activities I did throughout the day. It wasn’t a compulsion for me since I liked doing it. With compulsive activities comes dread, with dread comes hatred, atleast that is how things work for me. I do not like to do things out of compulsion. Things that I love to do, I tend to go for them naturally, although I will never be an expert in them.

Is there any particular way to write a diary? Do people follow rules? I do not know. I started writing about anything and everything ever since I remember. I will always regret that I do not have the proofs of it. The first diary was in fourth grade where I wrote my so called poems. The real poet came out in the sixth grade, influenced by William Wordsworth. Diary keeping became a habit from junior college where I would staple pages since one page wasn’t enough for a day. The entries would stretch upto four pages stapled one after the other which went as far as having detailed syllabus of each subject. It did help me a lot. Other personal accounts didn’t go as far as having ice cream with friends. That was my personal life.

Creativity has dwindled over time and with age, not that I am an old soul. It has dwindled over time having being catered to the wider audience. The innocence along with carefree attitude towards grammar is no longer visible, although grammatical errors still persist.

Having said that, I have realised over time that people may or may not read or pay heed to your daily rants. It all depends on how you put it up. The skill of  convincing people through your words, that is how I would like to say it.

Should I or should I not mix diary writing and writing? That is a question meant to be answered by myself.

Getting back to the main topic, maintaining a journal helps keep a track of many activities. Be it a book or your online sheet, it helps maintain and review many things which you have done, and not done. This is one reason I would strongly recommend people to keep a track of their daily activities and thoughts somewhere.


  1. Yes you arequire right.Keeping track of your thoughts help to plan

  2. Needs patience and also dedication to keep it regular, I think. I've tried it once, and not been regular. :) So I don't think I'd try a second time. Can't say for sure that I won't, though.