Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Free Write #Write Tribe WTFOW #5 Day 3

Helter skelter the thoughts run. Mind; it is as absurd as the insane thoughts that churn out from it. It is this absurdity that has created wonders, and it is this same absurdity that has brought down empires. Sane and insane thoughts, two sides of the same coin, are they?

Good and bad. Can anything be classified as “Good” and its opposite as “Bad”? It is what we humans perceive. Nothing is good or bad, they say. But there should be peace, hence things are classified as good and bad. Think positively, is told to us time and often. Why? To maintain peace.
Mind plays funny games. It is human mind that has ability to think imaginable and unimaginable. It is through this mind that it creates what was thought to be unreal.

Anything is possible,one just needs to try, is told to us. Work hard, yes! But working smarter is the new Mantra.

Ability. You only need to stretch your ability to do something, and bingo; you will see results you never thought were possible. Stretch your limits a bit, or a little more. You will be surprised to know you have abilities you never saw.

They say work isn’t work if it is your passion. True. What if you do not like your work? Then?

What is true for you may not be the same for me. But to maintain a balance everywhere, humans have come to conclusions that certain things are acceptable and certain not. Norms.

Why am I writing about mind and absurd things? Writer’s Block. I have read that Free Writes help in clearing mind and getting new ideas when you are stuck with writer’s block. But does writer’s block really exist? I question it on some days, and sometimes just write to my heart’s glory.

Empty mind is a devil’s workshop. Then why not write out and free the mind from this devil?

Writing has always made me soothe my mind. Whether good or bad, I like documenting every thought that crosses my mind. But laziness creeps in and thoughts pass and never return. What is the remedy? Keep writing? May be, may be not. But document whatever you feel is important. I have had this problem (?) where I dream of fantastic writing ideas. They remain when I am awake, but vanish by the time I brush my teeth. Solution? Get rid of laziness and document them when they are fresh. You know, great ideas are born in dreams too.

Mind wanders again…….

I agree that I am at that stage of life where I am expected to behave like an adult. What does that mean anyway? Stop learning and do routine work? Why not try something new? Is it too late just because I fit in the adult age group? Opportunity doesn’t come to you all the time. Sometimes you have to create, sometimes search. Right now it is all about creating. Running after childhood passion. Yes! I mean it. Re-learning old things with a twist. Twist of fate would you like to call it?

You read many stories about people leaving high paid jobs and pursuing their passions. Looks glittery and worth giving a try. But do you know what planning goes into it? Quitting one thing to start something new from scratch isn’t as easy as it is celebrated. Opportunities galore! Indeed this is true in today’s world but do not forget - Hardwork aplenty. Am I discouraging? No! Just making you aware. My standing ovation to the people who try something different and who bend the rules :D

This post is written as part of Write Tribe WTFOQ #5 Day 3

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  1. Quite a wandering mind....But aren't most of us like that....:)....