Thursday, April 28, 2016

Yours Truly

#ATOZ Challenge Theme: Finding Myself - Living My Life

Dear Yours Truly,

Yet again I am writing a letter to you. It has been a fabulous month of self discovery. Although this is a long process unlike what I had assumed, I could see that you thoroughly enjoyed discovering and writing about things that you had thought deeply about. I am glad that you have started implementing a few and hope you will continue with same zeal and energy to work towards your goals.

You have always been a shy person who preferred staying away from the crowd. So I guess that is what turned you to writing. Instead of speaking, you pour your thoughts on paper. May be that is why writing suits you the most. But at times, you have shown your gregarious side, though it is very rare.
Though you may have had high hopes and dreams, do not forget that you have lived an ordinary life. Though you wanted to touch the stars, you followed the crowd.

It is never too late, they say, to try something. You may have to start few things from scratch. But if you show your immense desire towards your goals, and the childhood vigour that you owned once, nothing can stop you from achieving them,

What is the purpose of your life? What is your passion? These are the most important yet difficult questions that you need to ponder. You have almost come close to them. Some answers you have, some you do not. Some thoughts will be saved in your drafts or your journal. Well this reminds me to tell you that you should maintain a journal for your daily activities. Do you remember keeping diary to keep note of the many things that you wished to learn and do during summer vacation? And there were separate sections for each.
And then you would write each in different colours and make pointers. Height was you had made another page which had pointers to these notes. The point I wish to convey to you is that though these things may look unproductive to you now, I would ask you to do them to keep an order.

All I would like to say right now to you is that keep pursuing your passion no matter where you are. You may not find success, but satisfaction that you kept trying will be better than not trying at all. Set high targets and high standards. Do not stagnate, keep moving ahead.

Yours Truly,



  1. A beautiful letter to self. Self-introspection is really important to understand your potential and your vision for yourself. Go ahead, reach out for the stars, you have it in you!
    @KalaRavi16 from

  2. I loved it talking to your self is quite a task not every one is aware of it. My best wishes to you.