Wednesday, April 27, 2016

All Words and No Play

#ATOZ Challenge Theme: Finding Myself - Living My Life

Words. Weave them with one another with creativity and voila! You end up with a well crafted crochet; words beautifully twirled with twists and turns.

Are all people gifted with this craft? Perhaps no. Writing is an art if you take it seriously to win audience's hearts. Just writing a line without any magic in it has no impact on the audience. And by magic, I mean the art of properly knitting the desired words and discarding the overwhelming ones. Mere connection of words with conjunctions doesn’t leave the desired influence in the minds of the readers.

Writing is a matter of playing with words. And by playing, I do not mean having fun at the drop of the hat. It means choosing your words properly and infusing them in a sentence to convey your thoughts. A dry string of sentences attached with one another hardly gets any attention. Writing gives you information. A very good piece of writing makes you think beyond the reality, just like how dreams do. Dreams take us to places unimaginable. Writing has the same effect. If words are chosen properly and created into effective sentences, they bring out the picture infront of your eyes; it is as if you are watching the movie infront of you.

Words that you spin are crucial to convey the meaning. You should be smart enough to play to create a masterpiece that will keep the readers gripping and coming back to read what you have in store for them.

Why this topic about words and writing today? This is what I have always loved to do. Write, write and write more. But in the process I didn’t actually learn how to draw audience to my writing. In this Journey of Self Discovery throughout this month with the A To Z Challenge, besides learning how to tackle many things, I gave deep thought towards my liking for writing. And this is what I concluded. Your content is your strong point if you need people to read what you have written. Mere dry words running in sequence are just words. Playing and weaving them properly is an art.

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  1. I'm out blog hopping from North Carolina on the W day of the alphabet. One of the things I know about writing is that it makes me happy. I write almost everyday and those are good days! t have been writing about hotels and inns, the architecture and architects, the settings for these significant places in a community. Today was tea at the Washington Duke Inn. Not too late to join me.