Monday, December 21, 2015

Books That Made Me

This article is in response to the prompt by BlogChatter.

I have read or atleast seen the cartoons on the books which my mother would excitedly buy for me. Fairytale book on Cinderella still remains my favorite. Apart from that I have always treasured the nursery rhymes books and another comic book which my parents bought for me during my kindergarten years.

I have always loved reading, may be because of the books, or may be it is in my genes. My parents read a lot. But the books(not book) that really made me are Enid Blyton’s Famous Five followed by Hardy Boys.

I have mentioned about the Enid Blyton’s books earlier in one of my posts this month. You can read it by clicking → THIS.  I started reading them when I was in third or fourth grade.
The post whose link I shared in previous sentence will tell you exactly how I feel about those books. In fact I do not need to write more on this topic since it was written on Day 3 Of Self Challenge for this month.

Nevertheless, Famous Five taught me to be a kid who started loving adventure. Being the tom boy that I was, I started recognising myself with George. Their attire, food and the adventure inspired me and I became a cool girl, All thanks to Enid Blyton for changing the life of kids. It taught me to imagine the life that they lived.


  1. Almost all of us mentioned Blyton in our posts :)