Saturday, December 12, 2015

The One About Television Hype

Before I begin what I want to say, let me give this disclaimer. I am not encouraging anyone to neglect everything and sit infront of the television. This post is about my personal habit not intended to be copied by others. Copying and replicating my habit of TV watching to be done at your own risk. :D :D (Well, now no one should blame me :P  )

Ever since childhood, I have always watched television every single day; be it holidays or regular school days or exam time. I haven’t completely stopped watching tv. Of course, there was a limit to watch it during exams, but it didn’t stop completely. I have been told by many that their television time was strictly restricted. During exam time, I would pity them since the tv was put off and they couldn’t watch even a single program.

Though I have been watching it all along, I never got a craving to watch it. Of course, I wouldn’t miss my favorite cartoons on cartoon network, but that didn’t mean I would go mad if I didn’t watch it one day. We had cable tv at our home during my early childhood when not many people had it. Most of my classmates in school would discuss Shaktiman and all that DD provided. I hadn’t heard of Shaktiman until I was in fifth grade. I only knew the characters from cartoon Network channel. So I, who had seen DD somewhere in childhood and watched only Rangoli on sunday, started watching Shaktiman. Few episodes and there I was. I didn’t like it. I felt cartoon network was better for me. I also remember watching many “epic” and famous serials of that time of cable tv channels. The ones that no one would like to forget and gives a sense of nostalgia to many when they watch it on youtube now. “Good old days”, people say when they see it now. Be it some daily hindi soap of that time, or quiz game, or a cartoon, there is hardly anything that I haven’t watched. And about KBC, I have watched from the first episode of the first season. Of course now I do not watch it. The charm of the first season is different. Nothing can be compared to it. Then the captain planet, Flintstones to name a few.

I know about a family in whose house the television was completely shut off and the screen was facing the wall for the whole year since their child  was in tenth grade. Compare this to my house; I watched the famous serial of that time(I do not remember the name now)  everyday during my final tenth grade exam.

The point I want to convey here is that I am not boasting that I passed my exams with good grades despite watching television everyday. Nor am I encouraging anyone to watch tv like me. I have been scolded many times for extensive television viewing. But I wrote this because I wanted to share with people that if you do not give importance to television viewing, then it won’t be the master of your mind. Despite having full access to television, I never neglected my studies neither compromised on my reading habit and writing that I would do. All in all, when I think ,  I have always maintained a well balance between studies, hobbies and television viewing. Nothing has affected anything.I do not regret that I watched more television. Although I am not the person who played many outdoor games( I have hardly played outdoor games compared to my other friends), I have had other ways of passing my time.
Watching television was just one among the many. Writing and reading novels was my favorite passtime.

Moral of this article from my experience; do not give so much importance to television so that you start neglecting other things.


  1. This was quite an interesting post to read. While I was growing up, watching TV wasn't much of an option because we didn't have cable TV till I was in my 2nd year of law college....When we first got the cable connection, I was totally hooked to MTV and to Hindi film channels and Sun Music and this TV addiction continued for quite a long time. It was like a whole new world. But now as I have grown older, I find that TV disturbs my thought process a lot, especially when I am focused on a task. For the last five years, I watch TV sparingly - only to watch a movie that I have been looking forward to or to hear some one I like speak, that kind of thing. Only for very positive reasons. It's not easy because my family loves to watch TV but I stick to this firmly and keep my TV watching minimal.

    1. Thanks Swapna for reading and sharing your memories. For me television was and is a part and parcel of life,watched almost every serial of the old times,even though I never understood what exactly would go on :P
      Keep reading

  2. I recently wrote something similar on my blog... about television. I mean very similar!

    1. Richa, got inspiration for this post from your blog post. Keep inspiring ;)