Thursday, December 17, 2015

Shopping Frenzy

Note: This is an attempt to write a sarcastic blog post. Just thought of including some sarcasm and joke. I hope I have done that. Kindly comment.

Nothing comes in the way of shopping, not even hunger. Got bored at home? Well, shopping is a good therapy to divert your mind from boredom. Feeling homesick? Go to a nearby mall and you will feel home.Feeling low and sad? Go visit a nearby shopping complex; I tell you, it is the best medicine(tested and proven by myself).

There are ups and down when you shop. You have an eye for a lovely coat which you so desire to have. And you know you will have it :D No matter what ( Thus speaks a typical girl who loves to shop. Well, who doesn’t?). And then you check the price. Hmm, it is too high, is what you think. So then, you wait and wait, and research and spend a lot of time to find the worth of that particular dress material only to find that it is THE standard price. Ok, similar stuff in other stores will cost me a fortune, I find. So I buy the lovely coat that I have waited for what? Like say few months?? And then after a month you visit the shop again. But alas!! There is a shock of the decade waiting for you. The same coat is now available for almost half of the price that you paid. So I paid extra bucks?? What is this? And I convince myself saying that I need to research MORE. A lot more.

And then since you have some coupons at home, you go for shopping. You find an interesting store that REALLY needs your attention. And then your stomach rumbles loudly. You look here and there just to make sure that people around haven’t heard it. “Hey girl! I need some food”, your tummy demands. But the store is in need of your attention. So with heavy heart and empty stomach, you continue shopping. Well, the store needed your attention, didn’t it? ( Sarcasm at its best :P) Take your own time for shopping and then gorge on the food. What a lovely shopping day. (Sarcasm is still running at its best ;) )

Third scenario. You accidently visit a shopping place one day and it has hell lot of offers. Yes, ample offers which you do not get everyday and you should grab them when they are available. Do not bother about spending on that day. Because it will save a lot of bucks compared to a non-discount day.  Do not worry. Buy in bulk and save for a rainy day. You will not get these discounts everyday. You shop for few things. And then you enter a store which has mouth watering offers. This of course demands your attention. You do not get such deals everyday. Your shopping companion and well wisher tells you to buy because it will save a lot of bucks. You feel you do not need those items right now. So you feel you have saved a few bucks that day. After a few days, I realise that you do need that stuff. So off you go again to the same shop which had tempting discounts, aanndd DUHH! No discounts. Everything available at normal price. Moral of this scenario, do not think twice when you see tempting discounts. Things which you need everyday even though you may not need at this moment, should be bought and kept. This saves you from spending extra bucks since chances are high that you will not get a discount when you actually need. Full Stop.