Thursday, December 24, 2015

Mind Ramblings: “Any”Fie

With Selfie came the trend of clicking your own pics. Now there was no need to nag someone to click your photo. The trend has reached such an extent that every person now is his own photographer. Well, it is good. Clicking your own pics requires effort. I came to know this after clicking few horrible selfies. I envy the people who click such lovely selfies. Clicking your selfies has an advantage. U know how the end product will look like. I prefer being clicked ( old habit) and I still nag people to click my photos. I go the traditional way.

So coming back to the topic. Click your own pic. It becomes a selfie. Click a group pic, becomes a groupfie. click a cat’s pic, it becomes a catfie and so on. Attach the first word or half of it to word “fie” and it describes the pic that you clicked. Just use your imagination and create your own word.

When will I learn to click a proper selfie??

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