Thursday, December 31, 2015


This is my last post of the last month of the last day of the year. Excitement about new year is not so much except that it is just another day. Nevertheless, I felt I should write a post of random thoughts. Speaking about resolutions for the umpteenth time :D I will still say to people, make resolutions as you go. Do not wait for the entire year thinking you will start something from the next year. Start as soon as you can.

I had planned to write 31 blog posts during december month; a post a day. And it worked pretty well. On three days, I wrote “Nothing Special” posts wherein I didn’t have anything to write about. So I thought I should compensate for that by writing three more posts. This is the last post of the day (Unless I get an urge to write again. But I will curb the urge)

This was a random post with a message to tell everyone that resolutions should be made as and when you feel. In fact, start the very day when you feel. Here’s wishing everyone A Happy New Year in advance!!!

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