Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What’s My Secret?

Note: This post is in response to BlogChatter prompt “What’s your secret?”. I thought of writing it in a different way as first person. Hope you like it.

What is my secret? How can I divulge it to you? Can I trust you enough to share it with you?

It feels that I have known you long enough. Ever since we first conversed. I remember the first sentence. Yes I do. It is permanently etched in my mind. I remember the date; and the time too. You do not trust me even though I do, but how can I tell it to you? Will you do something about it?

Nevertheless I will give it away; with the hope that you will preserve it and do something to make it happen. My secret is ordinary. Nothing to hide from anyone. My secret is I want to remain happy. There. Didn’t I tell you that it is ordinary and it is not what people will call a secret? And I know you will not do anything to make my wish come true. Still I wait with hope that a day will come and you will realise how much worth you are to me. Oh! Didn’t I tell you this? Of course I did. And what did you do? Break my trust and in turn stopped trusting me. But I still wait, and I wait, for things to become normal because hope is the last one to give up. Hope never gives up.

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