Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Outside The Window

Jumping from one twig to the other of the leaf less tree trunk in the winter, the "Little Red One" finally settled on a slightly sturdy twig. It is a regular visitor here, and this is its regular “hanging” spot. It is busy moving its head here and there, but for what? Searching for a prey? Or just sitting and passing the time? I do not understand. I watch it for like say more than fifteen minutes. Its head is stationary now. Is it sleeping? Or just staring at something? I then get bored and think that I will return to watch it after half hour. But curiosity brings me back near the window within five minutes. It is still sitting on the twig. Staring in the same direction that it was when I had left. Whatever is it thinking? Or, is it thinking anything at all? I watch as closely as I can. The red feathers are not actually red. It is different shade of red. Vibrant. It comes almost everyday. And I watch it almost everyday. It stares at something in some direction. And I stare at it with myriad questions in my mind. It has become a regular visitor here, not knowing it is being watched over from behind, and that ample questions are being popping up about its existence from behind him. But does it care at all? No. It goes with its daily schedule. It comes everyday, either moves head or stares in one direction; clueless.

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