Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mind Ramblings: About Resolutions

This post is more like a conversation with the reader. I would like your suggestions on how well I can implement the things that I have decided. I want realistic suggestions. Do leave them in the comment section.

Making new year resolutions always seemed exciting during childhood. There would be a page stapled to my diary which contained my resolutions for the forthcoming year. Writing diary regularly, gaining weight were among the many resolutions that would be in the list. But as January paved the way for february, all these resolutions remained attached to the previous years’ diary. So I stopped making new year resolutions because I never followed them. Years passed. This year I thought of blogging everyday in the month of december. Skeptical at first, I started getting recognition and that has kept my writing going. There were days when I didn’t have a topic. “Nothing Special” came in handy at this time just to keep me going. For if I had skipped any single day, it would have stopped again. So I wrote those “no meaning” “Nothing Special” topic when I didn’t have anything to write about. And now I feel I have many topics but no time to write :)

Procrastination keeps me away from doing many things even when I feel I should do something. It was procrastination that distanced me from writing on important topics that I could have written many months back. Better late than never. Those topics will come over time.

This time around, I thought I should make resolutions. It is more like a plan, a start to “restart” many things that I had stopped doing and instead opted to sit lazily. I want to do things methodically and not in hurry and haste. Few of them I will list down here so that you all can give suggestions in the comments on how I can implement them properly.

1. Reading “n” number of books this year and writing reviews on the same in my blog.
Do keep in mind that I am a voracious reader so “n” can be a high number,but not unrealistic :D

2.  Writing a blog post everyday in January. Or at least one post per week in January and other months.

Do give me suggestions for this and more goals as far as reading and writing or both combined together is concerned. Suggestions on writing on different subjects is welcome. Or you could suggest me writing contests or whatever :P


  1. Ah! The evil procrastination we all struggle with. I'm fighting it too...
    But you've already taken the first step, listing down your goals. With daily blogging I feel it is important to have a community. Blog together, blog better. So find your group, commit to them and to yourself..
    Writing prompts definitely help. Communities like blogchatter, Write Tribe etc...

  2. You can try writing about your transition from Goa to US. Any Good aspects, struggles or cultural shock you faced.