Tuesday, December 1, 2015

DEC POST1 : DAY 1 of Self Challenge

DAY 1 of Self Challenge
Why wait till New Year ? Why not now?

I was reading twitter updates of the many blogs that I follow. People keep writing and following new challenges and it looks so exciting. And here I sit brooding and thinking why I hibernate. I had started blogging way back in 2008 and there are hardly any posts till now, although I boast that I love blogging and that blogging is my passion, bla, bla and bla… I publish a new post once in a blue moon and think I will continue to do so more frequently. But as usual, procrastination takes over. Once in a while I do take up a topic to write about. It either takes months of editing till I am satisfied that it is alright (Let me mention that I'm not a pro. It's just that I am wary that handful of people whom I force to read will stop reading them hence the delay :P) or it remains on paper.

Looking at people who blog regularly, I thought I should do that. I am concerned that people might turn away from reading my blog because of grammatical errors they might encounter. Keeping that aside, I have thought of blogging for 31 days of this month. There are ample ideas that have been running in my mind and I'm waiting to put them into words. There have been many things going on that I wish to write about. Even for this blog, I feel like reading and re-reading it and making it more clear and formal. But that will consume 31 days if procrastination is taken into consideration. :D

I had stopped making new year resolutions for obvious reasons that I never followed them. But I always thought that I would write blog posts atleast one for every month. This time I thought why wait till new year. Instead I could start this december and blog everyday of this month.

So here I am challenging myself to blog everyday day of this month with minimal editing. Hope that will kick start my passion for blogging and improve my writing too. This is my first blog post of the month.


  1. Good to know that you are taking up blogging every day of this month. Even I have thought of blogging every day this month. All the best :)

  2. Hi Reema,

    Thanks for stopping by. Good luck to you too. Do follow my blog. And share the link of your blog.

    Take Care!!

  3. Not at all Seeya! Never think like this. For grammar we have editors, for words we have writers :) Continue to write connect with us on #dailychatter and realise your passion :)