Sunday, December 6, 2015

DEC POST 7 : Day 6 Of my Self Challenge


I chose the road which the crowd chose. I knew I could do something better and different than the crowd but the route was different; not the usual road. I could have done it few years back. I was working on it; Oh wait! No. I wasn’t working as such. It came to me naturally, as if in my blood. I didn’t have to put special efforts for it being my passion. But then, I lost touch. I saw the crowd and I walked like a zombie with the rest. I didn’t give much thought. I do not regret the decision. Because I diverted a bit only to joined the rest back again. Why did I divert? I wanted to be in crowd but by taking a different route. But the path I wanted was always on the opposite side.

Was I running after fame and glory? Naah.. I understand, all that glitters is not gold. Is it because of that realisation that I chose to follow the crowd?

I see people of my age waving hands to the public in the world of glamour, travelling alone and getting a chance to meet “who’s who” of the Page 3. Do I want this? No. That would make my life hell. I knew it from beginning. Is this why I chose to follow the crowd? So that I am in the safe space?

“Touch up” and “re-touch up”.. Go with a smiling face and have a sip of champagne and fake a laughter at the sleazy joke my competitor cracked while in my mind I am having  insecurity since she is my competitor. Was this a reason strong enough for me to go with the crowd?

What I wanted was completely different. Following the crowd has given me a backup. Like I said I do not regret it. But in this game of race, I feel I lost my passion somewhere on the way. So should I still follow the crowd or go with my passion? Or should combine my passion with the path that I followed with the crowd?


  1. It is always easy to follow the crowd and to lose our own identity. But we must always remember that each one of us is unique and we must always follow our heart.

    1. Hi again :) Yea true. But my main question is, how about combining the two? You have your own passion on one hand and you have also invested time in following the crowd which you like but it isn't your passion. What to do in this case?