Monday, December 7, 2015

DEC POST 8 : DAY 7 of Self Challenge

The Three M Years  (Summary, Part 1)

Before I touch on the actual topic, let me tell you one thing. Most of the Masters degree I guess are of two years duration. M.C.A. is a three year duration course. I thought I will tell it in the beginning because many people have asked as to why MCA is a three year.

I have had my share of fun, long duration of loneliness and everything that one could ask and not ask for.

When I look back at those three years, I see that they have shaped me a lot. Two years passed since I completed my Master’s degree. Many things happened during these two years. Search for job, demanding work hours at job, marriage, shifting on the other side of the globe (This requires another post or two :P) and so on. But the three years of Master’s or “M” as I like to call it, have etched their memory in my mind.

All I can say is learning technology in the midst of woods with snakes moving around once in a while was a “larger than life” experience.And I mean it when I say it. Trees everywhere with less pollution is a good place to learn. The university is located away from the city limits. And that is what still attracts me when I think how I survived in it.

The amalgamation of greenery, the best minds who taught us, opportunity provided to learn beyond the syllabus, living life away from home, life lessons learnt, applying technical knowledge in day to day life meant to be applied while coding, having a home away from home, hours of solidarity, stress pays off after three years. And out comes “a new you”.

The little hi and hellos of the first day, the fresher party where you meet the entire department, to the usual classes, all is well remembered. Seasons change, and with it changed the semesters.

I will never forget what one of my professors had told during the fresher’s party speech. He told us that to realise and appreciate the beauty of the ocean lying within, you have to go through a lot of pressure and burning inside the lungs and face a lot of trouble; and only then will you realise the beauty of the ocean within. I have never forgotten those words. They are deep within me.

I liked the way the environment was while learning. Ample opportunities to learn things beyond syllabus, freedom to do coding and learning more without any restrictions. I love the way we were taught. Also, greenery during rainy season was a thing to admire. Watching trees bear fruits during particular season, different animals running around, sounds of birds and yes, how can I forget the hostel? :) :)

I have had my time of solidarity and loneliness too. It was during that time that I had written this post. I learnt what being friends with yourself was during that time.

All in all, it was a learning experience. I do have many things to write about the three years. But will take it up another time again..


  1. College life is one of the best periods of ones life, isn't it? It has hardly been a few months that I have been out of college and I already miss it!

    1. Yea Reema, You are absolutely right. Thanks for stopping by here. Take care!! :)

  2. Seeya learning to be with oneself is an art all evolved human beings must master and you did that during college which is very unique when most of us are so hell bent on being superficial :D I will wait more from you on this :)

    1. I will be writing more on this Richa!