Friday, December 4, 2015

DEC POST 4: Day 4 of Self Challenge

Of New year Resolutions, End of the Year and more..

It is the time of the year when people start making New Year resolutions. The “New year, New Me” and blah blah.. Many people do that :D Even I have done. I had this habit of writing diary everyday. And yes I followed it religiously. And at the end of the year I would write my resolutions for the forthcoming year in my diary.

Oh by the way, as far as writing is concerned, I wrote a lot on any topic that I found interesting since childhood. I even wrote a handful of poems but lost the habit. I will write about my diary writing and other childhood stuff in some other post.

So back to the New Year resolutions made in the end of the year.

December was the month when I made my New Year Resolutions. I remember making around 10 resolutions. One of them was to gain weight. :P

Like I mentioned here I have been procrastinating this year. All of a sudden an idea struck by the end of November. Why not blog everyday during december. Write whatever that comes to mind without regard for grammar or anything. Motto: Get into the habit of writing again which I had stopped and had become a rare occurrence. Also, hope to improve writing.

I haven’t made any new year resolutions for past few years for the obvious reason -> They remain in my diary . And then the year passes and another comes, and again the “New Me From New Year” stuff begins and it goes on every year.

This year it looks like I made resolution at the end of the year to blog everyday of this month. Just three days have passed and it is going fine. It didn’t start as a resolution, the idea just popped in my mind and I started hitting the keys on my laptop.

Speaking about the end of the year; December has always been my favourite month of the year though I do not like new years so much. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed december month. The entire month feels like a holiday. This year, the month hasn’t started on a particularly exciting note like it did before. The month has just begun and so I am waiting for more to come. Atleast I have started blogging regularly after few months and yes started reading too. And guess what? I am reading “ The Famous Five”; revisiting my childhood days.


  1. Resolutions are meant to be broken... Many wise souls like me believe��. End the year on a positive note and be optimistic about the (uncertain) future. Keep writing and write to give meaning to your thoughts. I am soon going to start rereading Harry Potter series. Happy reading Siya and may you be showered with incessant happy days in the coming year .