Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Messy Room

This story of Messy Room persisted up till many months back.

I liked my messy room which would be crystal clean once a month; and as time progressed,once in six months. My room was my personal space. Sitting (read half sitting and half lying) on the bed and staring out of the window was my favorite personal time. “The Bed” as I like to call it now, would be strewn with few books, mobile phone and my ever companion - my laptop;and yes of course, me, lost among umpteen other things on the bed. The Bed was my playground, with all the above mentioned equipments lined up at my disposal. Read a page from the book when I felt like, or check my cell when a message came, while the laptop always ready to flash whenever I commanded. The Bed was my world.

“The Table”, contained only the required (and few totally un required) stationary in the drawers. The Table is a multipurpose table. Besides the drawers, it has space for desktop computer. Most of the space of The Table was and is still occupied with books and one or two photo frames. The Sitting Window too was covered with books of genres that I read.

The Messy Room sufficiently filled with books and 24 hour internet service never required me to go out on a lazy day when I would be home.

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