Thursday, December 17, 2015

Memories Galore

Disclaimer: Views expressed below poured out from my half asleep mind which was on verge of an afternoon nap reinforced by the cloudy environment on the outside.

Sit with a cup of coffee near the window watching the greenery outside and ample memories start running in front of your eyes; some sweet, some bitter,some you do not know why you remember, some etched permanently in your mind.

One memory will lead the way to the other and thus begins nostalgia. The air looks familiar and you feel like going back in time to live the life again. The summer afternoons, the big rooms. And you had all the time in the world to do all sorts. As for me, writing <3 was the one thing I did mostly. In fact it took all of the time. Then watch some cartoon on cartoon network channel, no matter how many times you have watched the particular episode.

You have hazy memories of your childhood which became significant part of your life. You remember them because they left a deep impact in your life. You remember some even though they do not have any meaning for you now. You do not know why they flash infront of you. Or is it just the mind that is playing the tricks? But they remain. You remember the first paper boat that you had made and watched it move in the rain water.

You allow your mind to go back in time and it sways and wanders, and you do not know what memory it will bring you, making you nostalgic all the time. Physically you cannot go back in time, but memory takes you back. And inadvertantly you start living in the past, sometimes even if you do not want to live it. But you do. Somehow, good or bad, they prod you in the present and then you think, what if it had been other way round? Had it been the other way round,it would have been good provided what had happened was bad, and vice versa.

Some memories grapple, some converge,others coincide and you come to a different conclusion. You may combine two memories (day dreaming, are you ? ) and form a completely different scenario in your mind;which you always wanted but that which never happened.

Memories galore… Memories in abundance… They either disturb you or destroy you. Make you happy, or nostalgic. They will never leave. Some you like to remember, some force themselves on you.  They are your memories, to treasure, and to cherish forever.


  1. I always say Seeya... if you can remember what your childhood was like all the problems of your life can be sorted through it.

    1. Richa. i would love a discussion or a blog post on this from you :)

  2. Memories are wonderful things, as you have clearly outlined. How we choose to learn from them is completely up to us. I know people who live only in the past and that can be sad. It doesn't allow for growth or the savouring of the present. It finally must act as a connector, a thread to tie the past with the now and see how it can shape us going forward. This made for a nice read, Seeya.

  3. Memories have played like magic in my mind and ushering such positive energy. It's a beautifully written piece that strikes a chord. At times, I wonder why time got to fly and so wanna go back to those days.