Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New year Begins.. Does It Matter To All?

Come December and everyone starts plans for the new year. 30th and 31st of the month is a time when some hurriedly make resolutions while some party hard. Why? Because it will be the beginning of another year. New year, new role, new way;that is what everyone feels. Be a better person this new year, some decide. Well it is a good thing. People tend to be better than what they were during this whole year.

But do all these things matter to every individual? I guess no. There are hundreds, or perhaps thousands who have to struggle to make ends meet. Does a new year matter to them except that the number in the year is changed? Nothing changes. He/she has to get up the next morning to earn his bread and save something.

I haven’t made resolutions for many years. This year I got time to think about it and thought I should implement. Let me see for myself how successful I am in keeping them. To be frank, I did not wait for the new year to commence. I started one or two things in december itself. I am saying again, it is never too late to start anything. You do not have to wait till new year to start something. Everyday is a new day. You can begin what you want when you feel you should.

So am I suggesting that you should stop partying around? No! Consider each day as a new opportunity and go ahead.

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