Friday, December 4, 2015

DEC POST 5: Day 4 of my Self Challenge


I don’t remember when I started pouring my thoughts on paper. I have a faint memory from my childhood when some elder had scolded my younger cousin. I was so upset with this “serious” incident that I had resorted to writing about it on a piece of paper. No! I didn’t write the details; it was  just three or four lines of my giant handwriting. I guess that would be my first stint with “creativity”. As time progressed I would spend my free afternoons writing. Taking a book and scribbling few sentences gave me a kind of excitement. There was also a time when I would draw castles nestled in the midst of woods in my drawing book. But it stopped soon and I started describing the castles hidden deep in the forest and water flowing across. I would write about my new experience everytime I visited a new place or found something exciting. I was not a gregarious person then, and neither am I now. I prefered being quite unless there was absolute need to speak. But what I felt about anything, I wrote it on a book.
A month ago, I had gone on a train ride to see the Fall colors. There was another Indian family with two or three kids. Parents told their kids loudly and proudly ;) that they should write what they see during the ride. Thought occured in my mind that no one told me to write down what I saw during my childhood. I would just go in my room, take out my scrapbook and write about my experiences.
The cupboard given to me would overflow with books. Open the cupboard and atleast two three books would fall down. I am not kidding here when I say this. It means that I am also a very unorganised person and would clean that cupboard once or twice a year during vacation and it would consume an entire day. It amuses me now when I remember the stuff that I would find while organizing my cupboard. Small chits and bits of paper where I wrote some two three lines of my thoughts. Among a handful of things from my cupboard that has remained to see this day is my Oxford Pocket Dictionary which I used heavily. I regret now that I do not possess anything that I wrote when I was a kid. It would have been an interesting read for me now.

One fine day I learnt that people maintain a diary. Well now, I had to have a diary. So a big fat diary was given to me. (I never got a no from my parents:P  What was asked was provided to me) I started noting down some useful quotes I found somewhere and started writing my own too. This was in fourth grade. I always envisioned myself to be a writer of diverse subjects. Have tried my hand at writing poems when I was in sixth grade. I hope that diary isn’t lost. I have not found it yet but I am sure it is in some corner of my house.

I started keeping a real diary to write about my day to day activities. I would write about my entire day. Sometimes (What I mean is most of the times :) ), the space wouldn’t be enough and I would write on my notebook papers and stick those pages on the respective day page of the diary so that I wouldn’t consume space of the other days’ pages of the diary. Whenever I flip the pages of my diaries, I come to know how I was at that particular age. It becomes an interesting read to understand yourself when you were of a particular age. Whether I had an exam the next day or I was feeling terribly sleepy, there was hardly any time I missed writing diary. It had become a habit for me. Like no matter how sleepy I feel, removing my makeup from face before collapsing on bed has become a ritual; or else I cannot have a sound sleep. There have been times when I had got up in the middle of the night to write an article about any topic that I felt I should write about.
Writing was a passion. I cannot say how much I enjoyed doing it. But then, while studying for masters, I gradually started losing touch. It is surprising now when I look back. Once passionate but gradually it decreased and then wrote blogs once in a blue moon. Whenever I forced myself to write, I would struggle unless there was an intense topic that touched my heart.

This is my story of passion which was high at one time but dwindled over time and trying to find its mark again.


  1. Firstly Seeya don't let anyone tell you that your writing is average cause it isn't. I am loving whatever little I have read so far. Please continue writing :) Also can you drop me an email at ?

  2. Hi Seeya, I came across your blog, thanks to Blogchatter on Twitter. I agree with Richa. You write very well, so don't give up. I hope to read more posts here as I don't have access to your lovely diary:))

  3. Haha Swapna. Sure!! I will be writing more now that people ahve started reading and commenting. I would like to have your blog link too.. :) and thanks for the complement!!