Wednesday, December 2, 2015

DEC POST 2 : Self Challenge : Day 2

Day Two of my self challenge is almost over and I was still thinking what to write about. Devoid of topics (well, this is an irony because there are ample ideas running in my mind but I am not finding proper words to begin with :D), I was staring at the screen hoping that a topic will dawn on me. At the same time, I was thinking if my writing is degrading day by day and also if grammar has gone for a toss. Thought occurred for a second that instead of furiously blogging some nonsense for a month everyday, I should take it slowly and write and re write and edit and read and re-read(my usual way). But then again, it would go nowhere except that I will publish a blog somewhere in August or November in the next year. It is better to keep rambling everyday than to write once in six months. I gathered myself and decided to type whatever that comes to my mind. With this idea in my mind, I thought of writing on my usual procrastination and its impact on my writing.


Yes, here it is. I am an intense procrastinator. I am neither proud nor hail it as an achievement, but that is what I am. I would always prefer to wait till things are “normal” for me to proceed with anything. Nope, I am neither religious nor superstitious to wait for a particular time to do something. But procrastination is in my nature and that has always delayed things, to the displeasure of the people.

Procrastinating has immensely affected my writing and blogging among many other things. There is no dearth of topics that run in my mind. But my habit of pushing things “for later” has always impeded my writing. The last few months have fetched many topics that could be written about, be it travel or anything. But as usual, my self created delay made the topics stay unwritten. For this reason, I thought of taking up writing everyday for this month without concern for whether it is good or bad, whether the post is too long or too short or whether it is dull or good.

This is day two of my challenge and as of now things are going well with writing and I hope they will remain so throughout the month.

Another challenge that I have undertaken is to read 10 books in 29 days. Impossible but I will make sure to read atleast five. Reason for this is I have stopped reading like before. This is another topic of discussion which I will write on.

P.S. 10 books in 29 days is next to impossible for me with this blogging marathon that I have taken up. Even without blogging, 10 in a month is impossible. But I have kept that number with the hope that I will complete atleast 5. :) :)


  1. HI Seeya... good to know about both your endeavours. Do share the books you complete. It's important to get one's 'reading mojo' back.

    1. Hello! Will share the names of books at the end. Keep reading