Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Divide And Conquer Theory

This was the approach we used in problem solving during my academic life. There was an entire chapter devoted on how to solve a given computer problem using the Divide And Conquer rule. As you might know (and for those who are not familiar with this term but you have definitely used it) , it involves breaking a bigger problem into smaller ones and tackling them.

I thought of using this approach this time to break my goals into smaller ones and tackle each individually. After many years I am making resolutions this new year. :D Yeah, after many years.  I thought I wouldn’t make any resolutions on a new year because like I have repeated in many previous blog posts, they were never followed by the end of January. And you do not need a new year for planning anything. You can just start it today, or now, at this moment. That is how I made a plan last month to write everyday, and so far I am successful, though I lag behind.

So now since this method of blogging everyday was more or less a successful attempt, I felt why not plan a few more things and tackle them one at a time. I do have a plan of sort ; just need to implement my Divide and Conquer strategy to each so I do not get overwhelmed with one big thing. I do not wish to stress myself, just do a few stuff which has been pending for a year, and few things have been pending for few years now. Take it easy, relax and tackle each of them is my motto.

And for people who haven’t made their resolutions. Do not panic. You do not need January 1st to start something new. You can plan and start it on any day.

For Divide And Conquer, see this wikipedia definition by clicking -> HERE.

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